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At our Secondary School in Jakarta, students are taught by specialist teachers and learn in a student-oriented, friendly setting. Our educators aim to support each individual to ensure learners get the results they deserve at this crucial, yet exciting, point in their education. We offer a high-level of personalised care and academic assistance on both our international and national courses.

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Why Choose our Secondary School in South Jakarta?

At our Secondary School in South Jakarta, educators prepare senior students for excellence by encouraging them to take responsibility for their learning and refine their study skills. Each child has a unique set of talents and abilities, and as they grow, we aim to help them apply their knowledge consistently, confidently and effectively.

Our international programme equips senior learners with the tools they need to thrive in the years leading up to studying at university, and our student-centred teaching methods are designed to help them reach their full potential in all subject areas.

Secondary School Programme Jakarta

Secondary School Programme

Our Secondary School programme offers one of the most widely respected international courses available. It provides a broad and engaging syllabus delivered through a personalised approach to ensure every learner gets the attention they need at this crucial time. In a demonstration of our school-wide child-centred approach, students in Years 7 to 9 learn in classes with limited students to ensure teachers can best support individuals at all times.

Senior students are encouraged to foster connections between the knowledge gained from lessons and the real world. The course seeks to empower them as critical and reflective thinkers who can effectively analyse, evaluate and apply information to understand and positively affect the world around them. Upon completion of Year 11, those who wish to progress with the school's international educational pathway may join Years 12 and 13 and gain globally-respected qualifications that will support their university applications.

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Years 7 – 9: Middle School

In the first two years of Secondary School, language tuition is an essential part of school life. Daily teaching and learning activities are conducted in English, our primary language of instruction. However, children also learn Bahasa Indonesia, our country's native language and a vital element of our school's culture and heritage.

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Years 10 – 11: IGCSEs

In Years 10 and 11, our teachers prepare students for further education, the professional world and beyond with this broad, balanced, globally-respected course. Children may choose subjects to complement the core curriculum and explore a course that is designed to meet their needs and interests. The last two years of secondary education are pivotal and students can expect to recieve excellent pastoral care within a supportive and caring community.

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Years 12 – 13: IBDP

This international programme is regarded as one of the top pre-university courses in the world. It is a robust option for those seeking admission to universities across the globe. Students who enrol on the international diploma course may choose 6 optional subjects, which, combined with three compulsory modules, will form the basis of their personalised programme for two years.

High School Diploma

Senior School - High School Diploma

Our Secondary School offers an innovative, accredited national diploma programme that is aligned with the requirements of the Indonesian national curriculum. A small number of students in our secondary school community may choose to follow this nationally-recognised pathway, offering entry to excellent universities in Indonesia and Asia-Pacific.

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Secondary School Language Programme

As the school's main language of instruction, English is spoken by all students and teachers. Bahasa Indonesia, Indonesia's native language, is offered as part of our curriculum in addition to Chinese Mandarin. Spanish and French may be taken as additional language options for those who choose to follow the international pathway in Years 12 and 13. Our language programme is designed to help students develop their communication skills and broaden their cultural horizons to prepare them for success in a globalised world.

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Secondary School Teachers

Students are taught by supportive and experienced teachers, who are committed to helping students achieve their full potential during their educational journey. Teachers prepare senior students for excellence in their lessons and examinations, and encourage them as active, engaged learners.

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Secondary School Facilities

Students enjoy access to a modern swimming pool, science labs, a gymnasium, sports courts, music studios, a library, a learning resource centre and more. Access to well-equipped facilities supports student development in fitness and academics giving pupils of all skill levels the chance to refine their interests. Equipped with modern technology, our classrooms offer the ideal environment for young students to discover the joy of learning.

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Clubs, Activities & the Arts

Our Secondary School co-curricular programme helps students enjoy the company of their peers, enhance their skills, participate in the school community and focus on a particular area of interest.

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We offer a comprehensive selection of sports activities as part of the curriculum and outside the classroom, ideal for students who wish to participate in fun and fulfilling team or individual pursuits.

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