Wholesome, Balanced Meals

Our school canteen provides students with a range of wholesome, balanced meals and snacks.

Canteen food is provided by a well-known Jakarta catering company. Menus are distributed via email and journals on a fortnightly basis and are also available at the canteen.

In addition to the lunchtime main menu, students can purchase snacks at morning and afternoon break – or they can bring their own healthy lunch and snacks to school.

Students at getting lunch

Planning School Lunches

At our school in Jakarta we promote healthy eating. When planning school lunches, please choose the healthiest foods, based on grains and cereals, fruits and vegetables. Students are not permitted to have soft drinks or get take-away food delivered to school unless authorised by a teacher.

Promoting Healthy Eating

ACG School Jakarta advocates healthy eating. As such, our Kindergarten and Primary students are not permitted to bring candy, bubble gum or soft drinks to school, or to share food with other students.

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