Personalised, world-class education

A top school in South Jakarta

ACG School Jakarta offers a personalised, world-class education to students from Kindergarten to Year 13, with educational pathways that lead to respected universities all over the world.

Term dates

The start to a new learning journey

Get ready for the year ahead. Mark your calendar with term dates for this year and next.

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Co-curricular activities

Stimulating, well-supervised programmes

We are committed to offering a world-class education and creating well-rounded individuals who will make positive contributions to society.

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Safe and secure private bus service

Getting students to and from school safely is a top priority, and we provide a school bus service for students.

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Lunch and nutrition

Nutritious lunches, exceptional learning

Healthy and nutritious eating helps maximise learning, and our school canteen provides students with a range of wholesome, balanced meals and snacks.

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Pride and a strong sense of belonging

Our uniform identifies our students, and instils a sense of pride and belonging in the school.

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Care & wellbeing

Caring and supportive environment

Our well-established pastoral care system provides active support based on strong ties between family and school.

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