Joanne Dickinson

Senior Teacher - ELS & SEN


Joanne arrived in Indonesia in the 1990s, when she quickly became enamoured by its rich culture and diversity, and decided to make Jakarta her home. Drawing on more than 25 years’ experience in teaching ELS, as well as working as a Learning Support Teacher, Joanne has developed strong principles about teaching and learning. Her master’s degree is in Materials Development and she is a certified autism specialist, she believes learning experiences need to engage the emotions of students through materials and activities which are contextually rich and meaningful. In her lessons she strives to help students respond to learning experiences with their emotions, attitudes, opinions and ideas: vital for durable learning. This teaching approach also helps students develop a positive attitude to the learning while improving their self-esteem. Joanne is a passionate advocate of inclusive education and that given the correct support, and use of teaching strategies and materials, every student can reach their potential.