Charlene Chan

Primary Years Teacher

Charlene Chan is from New Zealand and holds a Bachelor of Arts and Graduate Diploma in Teaching from Victoria University. She has been teaching for 7 years and has taught in several New Zealand schools as well as international schools in Jakarta. Prior to teaching, Charlene had a background in banking and event management, founded a school and chaired the school trust and was president of an elite Auckland rhythmic gymnastics club that her daughters were involved in. She also dabbled in providing music appreciation classes for pre-schoolers and worked as a special needs teacher. Charlene has been working in ACG Jakarta for the last 2 years and during this time, initiated the first Year 3 speech competition, coordinated the year 3 performance of the ACG rap, Year 2 marketplace musical assembly item and Year 2 end of year creative dance number, all of which showcases her interest in involving students in the performing arts. She is a dedicated teacher who believes in creating an inclusive classroom environment where students develop their independence and their ability to negotiate and solve problems creatively. These are skills that are relevant throughout their schooling and as a lifelong learner.