Our Strategic Planning process started during the 2018/2019 academic year and became the vehicle for school-wide discussions that focussed on re-imagining and re-positioning the school.

The fluid process has seen significant interruptions including staffing changes and the global pandemic, which has certainly impacted our progress to realizing our vision and strategic intentions. The Strategic Plan is not a document fixed in stone, but rather, a working document intended to be reviewed annually and to be relevant to the dynamic and changing community.



  • We will support our students to become creative problem solvers who are innovative and entrepreneurial.
  • Align the curriculum across all Year Levels and learning areas.
  • Support the delivery of an innovative, entrepreneurial curriculum through the development of appropriate facilities and infrastructure.
  • Strengthen practice and pedagogy in the areas of literacy, mathematics and digital citizenship.
  • Further develop oppportunities for students to pursue and excel in areas of interest, improve existing programmes and the high school diploma programme.


  • We will build on our reputation as a school that values diversity, partnerships and sustainable relationships.
  • Strengthen the relationship between the school community and our host country, its language and culture and commit to meaningful engagement and action.
  • Develop a process for communicating and implementing Indonesian government regulations.


  • We will develop talent to improve leadership capacity, excellence in teaching and educational outcomes.
  • Develop further recruitment, engagement, and professional growth opportunities for faculty and staff.
  • Formalize training and mentorship programmes for teachers.
  • Increase and expand growth opportunities for excellence in teaching.
  • Create more pathways to leadership within and beyond the school.


  • We will develop our reputation, identity, brand and market position to fully reflect our vision and mission.

  • Develop facilities and infrastructure to support the anticipated growth.

  • Develop and implement internal and external marketing strategies to recruit new students and improve retention.

  • Further develop our ongoing association with international education authorities and accreditation agencies.



  • We will strengthen our play / inquiry based programme to prepare students well for future learning opportunities.

  • Further develop our Kindergarten programme and environment to align with the school’s mission and vision.


Our vision & values

Our student-focussed approach to education has shaped and defined our core values.

Our approach to learning

We are passionate about delivering education in a way that brings out the best in every student.