A welcoming school environment

Our vibrant school community is multicultural, family-focused and welcoming.

Families, staff, alumni and our partnerships with local and expatriate communities are what make our school the vibrant place it is.

Our staff

Professional, dedicated and enthusiastic teachers are key to a successful school education. Click here to view our staff.

Our students

From academic, artistic and sporting achievement to community involvement – our students achieve on the world stage.

Our alumni

Our alumni are in higher education or in meaningful careers in Jakarta and all around the world – we’re proud of the role we’ve played in helping them fulfil their potential.

Our families

We are extremely lucky to have such wonderful families in our school and welcome them at our school events.

ACG School Jakarta Community Group

The purpose of the community group is not to fundraise, but the aim is to encourage parents to have pride in the school. To achieve this, we provide an inclusive environment for parents so that they want to be part of the school community.

The role of the ACG School Jakarta Community Group is to:

  • provide opportunities for parents/caregivers to meet other parents/caregivers
  • provide a regular number of events across the school year to allow for parent involvement
  • help parents to engage in and contribute to the life of the school community

All parents become automatic members of the group.

Some of the events/activities in which the group can be involved include:

  • representing the school at Open Days
  • supporting the school to organise special events including Family Picnic, International Day, Sports Carnivals, Swimming Carnivals, and various celebrations
  • organising events to welcome new parents/caregivers to the school
  • volunteering to become a year level parent coordinator
  • promoting the ACG School Jakarta Community Group to new families at the school
  • supporting the school to organise guest speaker presentations on issues that are important / relevant to parents
  • attending principal coffee mornings
  • providing parental help and supervision for school trips, as required
  • attending monthly ACG School Jakarta Community Group meetings

The ACG School Jakarta Community Group is co-chaired by the principal and vice-principal.

Parents as learners

Find out more at Parents as learners


Our staff

Our teachers are not only experts in their subject areas, but they also have the experience and passion to engage and inspire their students. Top quality teachers are crucial to a successful school education, and the teachers at ACG School Jakarta are of the highest calibre.


Celebrating diversity

ACG School Jakarta is a multinational and multicultural community who celebrates diversity. Our families have many opportunities throughout the year to interact and get involved with the wider school community.


Special events

We hold a number of events throughout the year to strengthen the school community. These include our much-anticipated International Day, where families celebrate and share their cultures. We have also had parents visit classes to share their expertise, assist with the coaching of sports teams and contribute to assemblies.

Coffee mornings

Our regular coffee mornings are a great platform for parents to discuss important issues and school developments. Recent topics have included: University, College or What?, Cyber Safety, Healthy Living, Being a Third Culture Kid, and The IB Diploma at ACG School Jakarta.

Interschool activities

ACG School Jakarta is an active member of the JASIS (Java Association of Small International Schools) which offers students an extensive range of interschool activities.


Learn a language

All ACG School Jakarta parents are welcome to attend our free after school conversational language classes for beginners – English is on Mondays and Bahasa Indonesia is on Thursdays.