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20 Years of Experience

ACG Jakarta offers a welcoming, inclusive educational community. We serve families from a range of backgrounds, from local families living in South Jakarta and nearby cities, to diplomats, ambassadors and business leaders from around the world. 

At ACG Jakarta, children benefit from highly-respected courses that prepare them for a rewarding life beyond school. Our modern facilities provide pupils with meaningful opportunities to explore their talents so that they can excel in sports, the arts and their academic studies.

A Message From Our Principal

Myles D'airelle, Principal

Welcome to ACG School Jakarta, a vibrant values-driven school which focuses on the whole child. Our holistic approach is underpinned by the highest academic standards and pastoral care. Not only do we prioritise excellence in academic achievement, but we also support students’ physical, social and emotional development to empower them to fulfil their potential both in and beyond the classroom.

Warm, inclusive and nurturing with a truly global outlook, we are proud to be an Inspired school. Inspired is a leading premium schools group operating across Europe, Asia-Pacific, Africa, the Middle East and Latin America. Through this worldwide connection, we are part of a dynamic community that unlocks international opportunities and experiences for our students.

The International Baccalaureate Programmes and University of Cambridge qualifications we offer provide the basis for smooth progression from Kindergarten to Primary to Secondary and ensure students are ideally placed for success as they transition into university. Our senior students experience university-style learning with the added support of familiar faces and gain a broad education and the chance to excel in areas of strength. Whether local or expatriate, transitioning from another school or seeking places at top global universities, ACG School Jakarta students are extremely well-equipped to take the next step in their education.

Education here means more than the pursuit of academic results. Sports, the arts and community service are all integral components of the programmes we offer, and our core values of Excellence, Partnerships, Integrity and Compassion are the cornerstones by which we are guided.

Our passionate, experienced teachers love what they do and instil that same love of learning into the students they teach. Their ability to know - and inspire - their students is one of the many characteristics that set us apart.

ACG School Jakarta prepares young people to make their way in the world as confident, caring and responsible global citizens. As thinkers and solution finders, as entrepreneurs and changemakers. Our students are international in outlook, local in action, entrepreneurial in nature and compassionate in outreach, and we couldn’t be prouder.

People and community are the bedrock of any great school, and here at ACG School Jakarta, we have the very best of both. But why not come and judge for yourselves? We would be delighted to meet you.



A Pathway Towards Success

Our school's high-quality teaching sets us apart from other educators in Jakarta. We pride ourselves on providing locally and globally-recognised study options to foster the best learning outcomes and help distinguish your child.

As part of our dedication to long-term success, we offer students accredited, customisable educational pathways designed by the International Baccalaureate Organisation (IBO) and Cambridge International.

Our extensive co-curricular activities programme also reflects our interest in holistic development. Children are presented with an exciting range of arts, sports, cultural and leadership opportunities, which, combined with a broad skill set and an entrepreneurial mindset, empowers them to reach their potential.

Our School History

ACG English School opens at Kelapa Gading, East Jakarta

ACG decides to open an international school in South Jakarta

ACG School Jakarta opens

IB Primary Years Programme is authorised

Registered as a Cambridge International School

IB Diploma Programme is authorised

Council of International Schools (CIS) accredits our school. Our demonstration of global best practice distinguishes us against other institutions

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An International Education in a Multicultural, Supportive Environment

At our school, children access a well-established academic pathway as part of a family-focused, multicultural community that promotes traditional values. Students gain a modern international education and study alongside teachers and classmates from all over the globe. We offer accredited International Baccalaureate Organization (IBO) courses in Kindergarten and Primary School, followed by certified Cambridge International education in Years 7 to 11. IBO provision is also delivered to students in Years 12 and 13.

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Modern Education

As a school dedicated to excellence, integrity and innovation, we seek to demonstrate modern values consistently across all stages and subjects to prepare children for success in an increasingly evolving environment. Our heritage of exceptional teaching fosters creativity, entrepreneurial problem-solving and academic rigour in students, who gain meaningful opportunities to apply their burgeoning skills at school and overseas as part of a world-leading, global learning community.

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Our Beliefs

A fulfilling learning environment


At ACG School Jakarta, we are genuinely committed to our students and aim to dedicate our professional expertise to ensure each child reaches their full potential - academically and personally. Our international curriculum offers the best possible education to our learners, who experience a safe and nurturing learning environment across all levels.

Emphasis on Excellence in Academics

Providing a global focus with an emphasis on excellence in academics, ACG School Jakarta provides opportunities for students to grow in a values-driven, forward-thinking setting. From Early Learning to Year 13, students of all ages enjoy the benefits of world-class teaching from specialist educators and become creative, innovative problem solvers and advanced critical thinkers. 

Situated in South Jakarta, our inclusive and progressive school community provides the highest academic standards and pastoral care. We promote a holistic, personalised learning approach that recognises the unique qualities of every student and their right to have their talents and abilities nurtured.

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Exceptional Quality of Teaching

The quality of teaching at ACG School Jakarta sets us apart from other schools and helps to distinguish your child. We pride ourselves on offering a variety of locally and globally recognised study options to foster the best learning outcomes for our students. We deliver the respected Cambridge International curriculum and the International Baccalaureate programmes, both of which can be customised to suit the distinct needs of each learner.

Our interest in holistic development is also reflected in our co-curricular activities, which present an exciting range of arts, sports, cultural and leadership opportunities.

By empowering all our students with a broad skill-set and an entrepreneurial mindset, we ensure they reach their highest potential during their time with us and are well-prepared for life beyond school.

Our Staff & Community

A welcoming school environment

Our vibrant school community is multicultural, family-focused and welcoming of all.
Families, staff, alumni, and our partnerships with local and expatriate communities, are what make our school the vibrant place that it is.

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Our Students

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Our Alumni

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Our Families

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ACG School Jakarta Community Group


We value our teachers

The teaching staff at ACG Jakarta are of the highest calibre. Our educators are experts in their subject areas and demonstrate a passion for delivering lessons, enabling them to engage and inspire their students, which is crucial to a successful school education. 
English native-speaking expatriate teachers work alongside a team of colleagues, including specialist Indonesian teachers, teaching assistants and support staff, to ensure the delivery of a first-class education.
All faculty members receive CPD to maintain thorough and up-to-date subject knowledge, allowing them to consistently provide an excellent level of tuition and fulfil each student's learning needs in line with international standards.

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