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Young leaders

A fresh new cohort of future leaders is poised to make their mark at ACG School Jakarta.
The ACG School Jakarta 2021-2022 Primary Student Council

The ACG School Jakarta Primary Student Council was first introduced in 2018 as part of our vision to build a school where taking responsibility, acting courageously and exhibiting leadership are actively encouraged and rewarded.

Appointed at the beginning of each academic year, the Primary Student Council leaders (12 in total, two from each class) are the elected voice for the Junior school. They work closely with the Secondary Student Council to propose, promote and plan an exciting array of events. From the Virtual Hallow Week to Spirit Week, Games Night, and holiday poster competitions, the young students have been shaping the coming year with vim and vigour.

Primary home room teacher Vinnie Kaur played a leading role in the selection process and is delighted with the calibre and enthusiasm of those chosen for the positions.

“We had a really big response this year,” she says. “Students from each class were given the opportunity to nominate themselves by making a video or short write-up explaining why they wanted to be a Student Council leader and what they could contribute to the school community. Then, based on their submissions, students from each year group cast their votes.” 

Among the key attributes required were good communication skills and a commitment to take on responsibility. Council members attend weekly meetings (sometimes writing up the minutes), generate ideas for fun events and activities, and help promote and execute the events. They act as positive and responsible role models for the primary student body and as ambassadors for the school in the wider community. As Vinnie explains, they also begin to grow their leadership capabilities.

“Student Council is a good platform for students to develop their leadership and management skills, driving the concept of ‘student agency’. In addition, these leadership roles help students build their confidence and communication skills in areas like public speaking and writing emails.”

Although organising school events is a little more challenging given COVID-19 restrictions, Vinnie has no doubt the 2021-2022 Primary Student Council leaders will come up with some outstanding ideas to engage the school community.

“With the ongoing pandemic, we are trying to drive activities and events that promote emotional wellbeing, lift the spirits and encourage communication and connection among the ACG community. There are plenty of exciting events in the pipeline that will develop creativity and promote camaraderie for students and teachers within the school.”

According to Senior Teacher Early Learning and IB PYP Vanessa Ellison, giving students leadership responsibilities from an early age has a powerful impact.

“Having a strong, active Student Council is one of the ways that we ensure the student voice is heard and supports our ongoing commitment of putting student agency at the heart of everything we do, by giving them voice, choice and ownership over their own learning, decision making and actions,” says Vanessa.

“For our youngest learners in Early Years (Year 1), being part of the Student Council allows them to develop their leadership skills by proposing, promoting, planning and executing school-wide activities and events. I believe that our students are never too young to develop these lifelong skills.”

Students are able to contribute to school life throughout the year by representing their peers, leading sports teams or by taking on more formal leadership roles. They develop their initiative, commitment and maturity across a range of settings and can inspire others through their actions.

“Being a student leader is a huge achievement for some students as it requires them to step out of their comfort zone and be a real risk-taker. From having the courage to actually apply, to being voted in, to then embarking on this important role can be such a challenging but equally rewarding experience for our students. It can also be quite life-changing in the way they see themselves as confident and capable leaders. For some students, this is their platform to really shine!”

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Primary home room teacher Vinnie Kaur
Senior Teacher Early Learning and IB PYP Vanessa Ellison