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Year 3 Sleepover at School

Y3 Sleepover

Year 3 enjoyed an awesome sleepover in February. It began on Thursday afternoon with a scavenger hunt around the school in which students had to unravel clues which led them to another area to solve another clue. It was a lot of mental and physical fun. For dinner, the students peeled, chopped and sliced the ingredients to make delicious vegetarian tacos followed by some refreshing ice cream sundaes. This year we also enjoyed s’mores toasted around a small campfire and an exciting play on the field with torches. Finally, that evening the students exercised their vocal chords at Ms Kate’s and Mr Heri’s dancing karaoke party before sleeping soundly in the library. On Friday, we visited Layang-Layang Kite Museum to make a wooden puppet and a kite which we flew in the afternoon. It was a fun-filled sleepover with several students asking if they could sleep on Friday night, too!