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Year 2 Market Day 2019

Market Day

Year 2 students created a marketplace as part of their How We Organise Ourselves unit of inquiry. They learned what needs and wants were and that these were not necessarily the same for people around the world and throughout history. They looked at where goods come from and how marketplaces serve the wants and needs of a community in many ways and how they have changed over time. Their studies culminated in the creation of their own marketplace, where parents, students and staff were invited to buy their wares. Many of the items sold were handmade by the students and were products they felt would meet the needs and wants of their community. These included slime, stress balls, bookmarks, rice-stuffed snowman toys, piggy banks, skipping ropes, games and pre-loved goods.

The students enjoyed the process of making and marketing their products. Through working together collaboratively, they developed the Learner Profile attributes of Thinkers, Communicators, being Open Minded, Risk-Takers and Reflective. Year 2 successfully raised IDR 7,518,000, and all the proceeds went to a “Help Lombok and Palu Give a Little” crowdfunding initiative led by Secondary students Lina and Samantha, an action that will go toward helping support victims of the earthquakes in both Lombok and Palu.