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University offers abound for Danu Yulianto

When it comes to universities, ACG School Jakarta’s Head Boy Danujati Yulianto is spoilt for choice. The outstanding student has been offered spots at top universities all over the world – the most challenging part is choosing one!


“I want to study civil engineering. In the UK, I’ve been offered places at the University of Bristol, the University of Warwick, the University of Leeds and the University of Lancaster. While in Canada, I’ve been offered a place at the University of British Colombia,” says Danu.

Plus, the highly motivated teen is also in the process of applying to universities in Australia and Malaysia.

The flood of offers is a testament to Danu’s hard work and dedication, and wherever he ends up studying, he is sure to excel.

“I’ve always dreamed of living and studying abroad. The sense of freedom, independence and control over my life is something that I’ve always wanted.”

The idea of moving abroad doesn’t come without some trepidation, though.

“Ironically, I’m nervous of going into a completely new environment – I would be making new friends, doing all my chores by myself (I rely a lot on mum’s cooking!) and managing myself in general.”

Fortunately, his years spent at ACG School Jakarta have laid sturdy foundations, and Danu feels well equipped to tackle the next exciting phase of his learning journey.

“ACG Jakarta has instilled me with the attitude to seize every opportunity that comes my way. The community is extremely supportive, so I’ve developed a lot of communication and social skills along the way. I’ve learnt independence, organisation and perseverance – the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme (IBDP) workload is significant, and it’s your own responsibility to pace yourself and get organised.”

But Danu says the most important lesson that ACG School Jakarta has taught him is that change starts from within.

“ACG places great emphasis on student proactivity – and for a good reason. I’ve realised that it’s up to you to initiate it if you want things to change. You have the power to make anything happen.”

It’s a great philosophy to live his life by and one that will no doubt ensure Danu achieves the many goals he has set for himself.

“I would like to graduate with a bachelor’s degree before entering the workforce and specialising in civil engineering, renewable energy, or sustainability ­ I believe all those areas are of great importance in the future. Eventually, I’d like to end up back at university to complete my master’s degree.”


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