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Thrilled to be back in the classroom

When Charlene Chan’s Year 4 class returned to school earlier this month, they were delighted with the opportunity to catch up with friends and be back in their classroom after more than a year of online learning.


“When I found out that the school is reopening, YAY! My heart felt like it wanted to dance, and I was so happy that I could dance too,” says 9-year-old Kavya Nagpal. “When I came to school, I was so excited to be there and see all my friends and teachers, but I realised that the school had some changes, and it is even better than before! The best part is that we could do all the specialist subjects as a class. I think ACG is a great place to be.”

Classmate Anna Nam couldn’t agree more.

“I was excited and happy when I went to school last week. When I arrived at school, we checked our body temperature, and only two people could sit at the same table in the cafeteria. When we went to our classroom, the desks were separated because we had to keep 1.5 meters away from each other. Despite these new restrictions, I am happy to be able to see and chat with my friends in an open space!”

While fellow Year 4 student Marson Widodo compared returning to campus with one of his much-loved dinosaurs.

“I felt really ecstatic, amazed and as happy as a Tyrannosaurus that found its favourite prey. Being able to see my teachers and my friends in person is AMAZING. Way better than seeing them on a small square on my laptop screen because I got to play with them a lot, and most importantly, I had fun (and I also learned).”

Students at ACG Jakarta are following the new highly interactive hybrid teaching model the school has adopted. Weekly lessons combine traditional face-to-face classroom settings with online learning, with class sizes initially limited to 12 students, following government requirements.

The young learners are thrilled with this new approach.

Says Princess Keira, “Going to school is very fun because I meet my lovely friends and teacher. Although we have to stay within social distance, and it felt a little different than before Covid-19, it is still awesome meeting my friends and teachers at school.”

For new student Derek Tanuwijaya, his transition to ACG School Jakarta has been an enjoyable experience throughout online learning thanks to the support and guidance he received from Ms Chan. However, he’s thrilled to now be with his friends in the classroom.

“I felt very happy to move to ACG because all my new friends are very kind to me, and all the teachers are very helpful to me, and of course, Ms Charlene always helps me and is patient.”

Alexandrica Salim chimes in, saying, “It feels amazing to go back to school and see all my wonderful teachers and friends. Though I miss hugging my friends and teachers, I have now got used to this hybrid learning system, and it’s for everyone’s safety, so I still love it.”

Adds Anna, “Even though we communicated with the teachers on a laptop in class during online learning, it is really nice to be allowed to ask questions to the teachers in the classroom directly. I feel that normal routine school life is precious. I am grateful to be able to learn at school again and am already looking forward to going to school next week.”


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