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The ten Haves: “It’s a great learning environment.”

ACG School Jakarta is a small school that packs a big punch. And for Erik ten Have, it is providing all the right ingredients for his three children to shine.


Daughter Isabel and sons Rob and Maliek are thriving at the school. While they each have their own unique passions, the outstanding guidance and support ACG Jakarta delivers has empowered all three teens to tap into their potential.

“Isabel has developed an interest in organising events and in her current role as Head Girl she can hone her leadership skills,” says Erik.

“We are seeing a leader in the making and she has really developed in that sense. This will be very valuable for her moving forward in her studies, and in life generally.”

Meanwhile Rob and Maliek are avid sports enthusiasts.

“Both of them play in a football team outside of school but Rob also plays for the school. It brings him a lot of joy. Maliek is really enjoying the academic side of learning at ACG and has built some very deep friendships since starting here.”

The ten Have family were looking for a conveniently located school where their children would feel at home, and where the quality of education was first-rate. At ACG School Jakarta, they found all that and more.

“I think what really sets ACG apart is the fact that students receive a very high level of education, yet it is a small school where most of the children know each other. It’s a great learning environment.”

Erik has enjoyed watching each of his children become more independent in their learning, and reap the benefits of a positive, supportive and encouraging school culture.

“The children at ACG are kind towards each other. This kindness and respect has had a very positive impact on our children.”