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Talented alumnus heads to NYU

Strong mathematics programmes and a global network of campuses make New York University (NYU) a winning choice for ACG School Jakarta alumnus, Daiyu Tamaki.


The new graduate will shortly be winging his way to NYU Shanghai, the first step in an international career that he can’t wait to get started on.

“I’m so excited about forging strong connections with my lecturers, and thanks to NYUSH’s small class sizes this should be relatively easy,” says Daiyu, who has been awarded a US$30,000 scholarship to study at the highly regarded university.

“Better still, because NYU has campuses around the world, I’ll have the chance to study in another country in my third year.”

With his sights firmly set on a mathematical future, it looks set to be a perfect pathway.

“I consider maths as the fundamental basics of the world, and it is highly likely I’ll end up working in the field. Because NYU is so strong in this area, it will be hugely beneficial in regard to my career aspirations.”

ACG School Jakarta lays the foundations for tertiary success by encouraging students to become innovative problem solvers and advanced critical thinkers who are confident users of technology. This approach ensures the best learning outcomes not just at ACG, but in university and beyond. For Daiyu, the two-and-a-half years he spent at the school have played an integral role in shaping his future.

“During my time at ACG I learned to be active in both academic and extracurricular matters. I am so grateful to all the teachers, staff and students who supported me in every way. Without ACG School Jakarta there would be no Daiyu Tamaki!”

Though he recalls several highlights during his time at the school, one of Daiyu’s most vivid memories is a trip to Singapore to attend Model United Nations.

“This was such an interesting experience for me, as I had the opportunity to engage in discussions with fellow participants from all over the world. I also learned a lot about time management, as I had to prepare for the trip while working on my IBDP [International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme] assessments.”

Daiyu says these self-management skills are vital when it comes to successfully transitioning from high school to university – and he has this word of advice for students following in his footsteps.

“You will most likely be preparing university applications while you have your IBDP assessments. Get started as soon as possible. The more time you allocate, the less workload you will have later. It will be well worth it.”