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Students raise their voices at Hari Bersih Indonesia

Hari Bersih

With a focus on environmental awareness and protection, the Hari Bersih Indonesia event took place on Saturday 21st September. Prominently featured among the volunteers was a large eco-conscious contingent from ACG School Jakarta, eager to contribute to this important nationwide clean-up.

"It was fun to explore more of Indonesia and it was good to clean up Indonesia with my friends” said Year 2 ACG Jakarta student, Ian Silva.

Over a five-hour period, ACG students, parents and staff helped to collect over 94kg of inorganic, unrecyclable trash, and a further 30kg of recyclable material, from Jakarta streets and environs.

“I felt like we made a very positive contribution to a huge global problem” echoed Year 13 student, Salsa Astrakusuma. “It can seem hopeless at times, but we need to remind each other that all of our small actions add up to make a big difference, and that if we raise our voices, people in positions of power and influence will listen and make positive changes.”

The event’s closing ceremony also provided ACG Jakarta with a platform to promote ecological change, as our primary students performed a heart-felt version of “We Love the Earth” while secondary students sang “Nyawa dan Harapan” - a song that encourages environmental consciousness and reflection.

Speeches by Year 11 ACG Jakarta students, Michelle Wilding and Rayyan Sadikin, then followed to remind the community of their ongoing duty to protect and preserve the natural habitat by reducing the amount of waste produced in our everyday lives.

“I felt slightly nervous speaking in public, but I know that it is worth it as raising awareness and taking action is what all of us should be doing to save ourselves. The Earth and environment will survive with or without us. We need to make sure we look after it so that it can continue to support us, and provide for us, in a sustainable way. That is the message I would like everyone to take home today” Michelle explained.

Our Eco-Warriors and ACG Secondary Student Council had earlier made their commitment to the Hari Bersih event clear when they took direct ownership of all our closing ceremony performances, from the initial song selection to organising rehearsals and speech writing.

Through an active Eco-Warrior society led by senior students and staff, ACG School Jakarta is leading the way in raising awareness for environmental protection. Their next challenge is to achieve the Foundation for Environmental Education Eco-Schools Award by 2020.