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From Student to Role Model: Introducing our New Head Girl

A wealth of sporting, extracurricular and leadership opportunities have given ACG School Jakarta’s Sana Fukumoto the perfect platform to hone her skills – and she can’t wait to put them to the test as our new Head Girl.


Meet 17 year old Sana Fukumoto, born in Japan, raised in Singapore, and now, student at ACG School Jakarta. Since joining ACG School Jakarta, Sana has made her mark.

New beginnings
Since joining ACG School Jakarta at the start of Year 12 Sana has embraced everything on offer. Hardworking and sporty, sociable and fun-loving, since the moment she stepped through the school gates Sana has immersed herself in every aspect of school life.

“A huge priority for me as a new student was to get to know the community and meet new people,” she explains. “By taking part in lots of different activities I’ve been able to broaden my friendship circle and meet students from all different year levels.”

Not only did Sana participate in multiple sports (including senior basketball and volleyball) and coach Primary basketball practices, but she took part in the World Scholar’s Cup (managing to qualify for the global round in Bangkok) and was also appointed to the role of Prefect.

Building leadership skills
ACG School Jakarta provides an array of opportunities for students to develop their leadership capabilities, enabling them to build vital skills that will benefit them for life. For Sana, these experiences have been life changing.

“I was extremely grateful to be chosen as a Prefect last year. Alongside three of my peers we got to lead the Student Council and organise lots of fun events, and I also worked closely with the Head Students. Being a Prefect opened my eyes to the potential role of Head Girl – yes it dished up some obstacles, but all that trial and error taught me a lot, and hopefully will lead to a more successful year this year.”

Exciting plans ahead
Organising activities that bring the whole school together, and creating events that celebrate the artistic side of school life, are just some of the plans Sana has in the pipeline for the year ahead.

“I want to bring the school community closer together and be a representative that can voice their concerns. When I think of leadership, it’s about helping others and guiding communities with knowledge and strength – but it’s also about knowing the boundaries and when to step back and allow others to be independent and gain experience.”

Balancing Act
Sana admits balancing the responsibilities of Head Girl with her academic studies may not be easy, but she hopes that by doing so, she can inspire others to strive for balance.

“It’s a widely known fact that the International Baccalaureate Programme is extremely challenging – but for me, getting involved in sport and extracurricular activities has helped me to attain a better lifestyle balance and given me something to look forward to. It’s not always easy but I’ve found making a clear distinction between study time and fun time really helps. Make sure you know your priorities, and then introduce a few extracurriculars slowly, committing to more responsibilities as you feel you can. That way you won’t feel overwhelmed or demotivated.”

Stepping out of the comfort zone
With so many different clubs, sports and other extracurriculars on offer, figuring out what to choose can be a challenge in itself. Sana’s advice? Just have a go!

“Not everything is going to be your cup of tea, but you never know what your strengths are unless you test it out. Starting something can be frightening but others around you are going to help and be understanding. We’ve all been in that position! Worst-case scenario, you’ll realise that that particular activity is not your forte – but at the very least you’ll have gained a few new friends during the process.”

Keeping abreast of academics
While taking part in the school community is an enriching part of student life, Sana is quick to point out that “everything in moderation” is a valuable mantra – and with her sights set on studying biotechnology next year, she certainly won’t be letting her schoolwork slip.

“You don’t need to dedicate all your time to studying, but at the same time it’s important not to procrastinate when it comes to academics. I’ve found it’s far better to overestimate your workload than underestimate it, so my advice is start early and give yourself extra time to polish your work. Another thing to keep in mind is that if you reach a mental block, that’s probably a sign to take a break and give yourself a breather.”