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Student-led publication tackles important issues for youth

From sustainability and unrealistic beauty standards to mental health, racism and culture – a new online publication launched by ACG School Jakarta students is helping connect youth to pressing global issues.


The brainchild of Year 13 student, Lina Hutchinson, SCREAM zine is a submissions-based online magazine designed to create a fun, positive, and creative space for students of all year levels.

“I started the zine [self-published work of original or tendered content] as I noticed that after months of virtual learning, a lot of students were wanting more creative projects and time to talk to one another, especially about current events around the world,” says Lina.

“I thought that this zine would give students an opportunity to be creative and raise social awareness. I think that a lot of the time, young people limit their knowledge of the world to their academics. I wanted to encourage students’ personal knowledge and talents to come together in a meaningful way. SCREAM zine is a platform for youth to collaborate, and freely express their ideas, work and talents.”

Compiled by a small team of six dedicated students, the zine has recently released its fourth issue, and is already proving to be a big hit.

“I’m so grateful to be a part of this initiative and to have had such a great response from readers and contributors of the zine. We are very fortunate to have a school community that’s so keen on contributing a variety of their work.”

And already the zine’s reach is stretching beyond its digital foundations.

“It has enabled us to expand our conversations around social issues beyond the zine itself. I’ve been invited to join classes and speak as part of student council events to discuss mental health, which was a topic covered in our first issue. We’ve also been able to work with other projects such as IBDP [International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme] students’ Creativity, Activity and Service (CAS) projects and small businesses.”

SCREAM zine graphic designer and writer, Head Girl Isabel ten Have, says being involved in the zine’s creation has deepened her understanding of a range of important issues – and she hopes it will do the same for others.

“I think SCREAM zine is a crucial introduction to global issues for students our age and younger,” says Isabel. “When I was younger, I didn’t have access to such resources and information because it was considered ‘too mature’. What we aim to do with SCREAM is raise awareness about these issues in a way that makes it accessible and understandable for youth so that they themselves will be able to recognise and take action (where necessary) in their own lives.”

To find out more, visit SCREAM zine or follow their Instagram page.

The SCREAM zine team: Anastasia Sufian (writer and artist); Mei Hutchinson (head artist); Isabel ten Have (graphic designer and writer); Zara Schneider (graphic designer); Chiara Mini (head writer); Lina Hutchinson (creator and editor)

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