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Student Leadership: Meet our Head Girl, Alisha Kemp

Allowing students to have a proactive voice within their own school community is a priority for ACG School Jakarta. In addition to creating a strong sense of connection, pride and respect, many other life-skills gained from student leadership initiatives are easily transferrable to both the wider world and future careers.
Alisha Kemp

High-achieving Head Girl, Alisha Kemp, has been a student at ACG School Jakarta for the past five years. An exceptional role model for younger students, Alisha has not only excelled academically, continuously setting high standards within our IGCSE and International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme (IBDP) but has also been a leading light in our Performing Arts programme.

Alisha’s character, passion and influence made her an ideal candidate for Head Girl, and she has embraced her new leadership role wholeheartedly.

“ACG has given me a lot of new opportunities that I never knew were possible as I didn’t come from an international school background. As a form of appreciation for the fond experiences ACG has offered me, I want to give back to ACG,” Alisha explains.

Balanced, knowledgeable and open-minded, Alisha is a popular figure on the campus and sets an excellent example among her peers and fellow students throughout the school.

“My favourite subject is Biology. I love science in general, but I find biology most interesting because it’s a literal lesson about life – why there are living beings and how do they stay alive,” says Alisha. “I do enjoy Maths, too, because I like solving problems. In Maths, you can solve many complex and challenging problems in many different ways.”

While focusing on academic achievement, this well-rounded student likewise celebrates the Performing Arts and has been involved in every school recital during her time at ACG. A talented violinist, Alisha is an integral part of the Trust Orchestra in the First Violin section and her musical skills have taken her to Vienna, Austria where she played in the Golden Hall. Additionally, she has performed for the Indonesian President, Joko Widodo, in the National Palace.

To complement her already vast accomplishments, Alisha is the captain of the ACG School Jakarta’s Varsity Girls Volleyball Team, where, as a formidable defensive player, she supports, strengthens and inspires the team.

When asked about the legacy she would like to leave, Alisha replies “A goal of mine that I would like to achieve would be for ACG to have an even stronger sense of community and lively school spirit, as I believe that this defines the school in comparison to others.”

In the future, Alisha hopes to further her education at the Imperial College in London and currently has plans to pursue a career in Biotechnology in the United Kingdom.

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