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Student Leadership: Meet our Head Boy, Adam Putrayando

Allowing students to have a proactive voice within their own school community is a priority for ACG School Jakarta. In addition to creating a strong sense of connection, pride and respect, many other life-skills gained from student leadership initiatives are easily transferrable to both the wider world and future careers.
Adam Putrayando

ACG School Jakarta Head Boy, Adam Putrayando, is a charismatic, well-rounded young musician who continually inspires peers and younger students alike with his invaluable contributions to the Music and Sports departments.

“My greatest motivation, not only in the decision to apply for Head Boy, but in a lot of others too, is to mature and grow as an individual,” says Adam. “I also want to make my parents proud.”

While born in Malaysia, Adam has had the opportunity to live and study in many different countries across Asia. Throughout his travels, he has learned the value of making connections and nurturing friendships with people from all walks of life. He recognises the importance of understanding and appreciating various cultures, and of being open to a range of different lifestyles and philosophies.

Adam believes “To be an international student, you not only have to value your own culture, but you have to value others and be internationally-minded.”

Enjoying his second year of the IB Diploma Programme, Adam continues to focus on his studies where his favourite subjects are English and Mathematics. A talented musician, he has mastered a variety of different instruments ranging from the piano, drums and bass to his personal favourite, the guitar.

Adam’s passion for music is reflected in another of his interests outside of the school curriculum, music production. Here, he focuses on creating his own signature sound, primarily within the Indie and Jazz genres.

An outstanding athlete, Adam is a star in ACG’s Varsity Boys Volleyball team, respected and admired by his teammates for both his skill and his work ethic on the court. He was voted Most Valuable Player by his fellow volleyball players last year and is an avid member of ACG’s athletics and football teams. A natural leader, Adam has previously captained his house, the Biawaks, which has proven an excellent foundation on which to build his role as Head Boy.

For the year ahead, Adam is looking forward to the many new and different events that ACG School Jakarta will hold and intends to lead the school with distinction and style. During his time as Head Boy, his aim is to “make a lasting and positive impression in the school.”

In the future, Adam hopes to study Chemical Engineering at the University of Hamburg, Germany, with the ultimate goal of joining the chemical department at the BASF Chemical Company.

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