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The sound of music

This week, the Australian International School in Vietnam (a fellow Inspired school) will host the first ASAC event of the academic year – an exciting online festival featuring participants from eight schools across the region, including ACG School Jakarta.
Some of ACG School Jakarta’s talented musicians will take to stage for the ASAC online music festival

Some of ACG School Jakarta’s most enthusiastic musicians will soon take to the virtual stage for a unique online music festival Hope Through Adversity

Streamed on YouTube on Wednesday 1st December, the event will see students from eight different schools and four different countries team up for the love of song, culminating in a mass virtual choir performance. 

With the Australian International School in Vietnam hosting the occasion, the festival is part of the ASAC (Asean Sports & Activities Conference) calendar, a programme designed to bring high-level competitive opportunities to international schools in Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia and Indonesia. Each of the eight schools involved will present its own event throughout the year, with ACG School Jakarta holding an E-sports tournament in May 2022.

Launched in 2018, ASAC’s primary intention was to provide sporting opportunities. However, ACG School Jakarta senior athletics teacher Ryan McPhee says Covid-19 has prompted the organisation to expand its scope.

“Before the pandemic, the ASAC conference was centred around sports tournaments like volleyball, soccer, and basketball, but since the suspension of international travel, we’ve had to pivot to events that can be hosted virtually,” says Ryan.

Music, arts, STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) and E-sports events have all made the grade and are providing students with the chance to share their passions and test their talents while making lasting friendships and lifelong memories.

Hope Through Adversity will not only be an exciting virtual event but also ASAC’s first-ever music festival. It will be the biggest, and most likely the first, virtual music festival that the students have ever participated in.”

It’s a phenomenal opportunity for students with a keen interest and passion for music to participate in a unique schools’ network event. Several individual and choir performances from ACG School Jakarta students have already been submitted for possible inclusion in the line-up, although the final selection has not yet been announced.

“The Australian International School in Vietnam will make the final decision on which performances to include – we’re excited to see how many of our performers will make it into the finished show.”

An undoubted high spot on the school calendar, the greatly anticipated festival will provide significant benefits.

“Participating in this festival and other ASAC events allows students to make connections, compete and collaborate with students from all over Southeast Asia. They always have a lot of fun, and it’s something they’ll remember and look back on fondly when they think about their international school experience.”