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Sabrina McPhail – turning baking into a business

When it comes to business, ACG School Jakarta’s Sabrina McPhail is one smart cookie.


At just 17 years old, she already has two successful business ventures under her belt. In Year 11 she launched a small business selling chocolate truffles, and now she has started up her second venture – Sabby Desserts – selling freshly baked goods lovingly crafted in her home kitchen.

“I set up Sabby Desserts because I love baking and I wanted to do something productive in lockdown. I like to make people happy, and home baking does that!” says the Year 13 entrepreneur.

Every day after school, and at the weekends, Sabrina (Sabby for short) dons her apron and heads straight to the kitchen.

“It’s a great way for me to release stress. Sometimes I invite my friends over and we bake together and other times I bake with my mother – it’s the perfect opportunity to share quality time with loved ones.

“Baking improves my mood and fills me with a strong sense of satisfaction. It also requires a lot of patience and skill and I love the challenge of having to do everything at once, like measuring, following the recipe, timing everything perfectly so you get a perfect result. I’m even interested in the science behind baking as I can apply it to my IB [International Baccalaureate] physics studies!”

Sabrina taught herself to bake three years ago, and quickly discovered she had a natural talent for it.

“Through baking, I can create something that can be eaten, touched, smelled, enjoyed and shared with people, and that gives me such a strong sense of achievement.”

Better still, Sabby Desserts is economically viable. From brownies and roll cakes to cookies and muffins, Sabrina’s mouth-watering creations are – quite literally – selling like hot cakes.

“Business has been going great! In just a month there have been more than 30 purchases of my product, which from my perspective is astonishing.”

Like every new venture, it hasn’t come without its challenges, but Sabrina says overcoming the hurdles has taught her a number of valuable life lessons.

“Sometimes my baking is a failure and time management is another challenge. Juggling IB and Sabby Desserts requires very efficient management of my time! But I feel very proud that I’ve been able to meet the deadlines of both school and my business. I’ve learnt to cope under pressure, I’ve developed excellent problem-solving skills and I’ve become more mature.”

ACG School Jakarta has played an integral part in this process.

“The school has kept me busy and in check with my responsibilities, teaching me to prioritise my tasks and helping me strengthen my work ethic. They’ve also provided me with plenty of emotional support. At ACG, people are friendly and welcoming. They are always ready to listen and involve me in fun activities to cheer me up if I’m sad or upset.

“ACG School Jakarta is a place I feel safe and happy – it’s my second home!”