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The Rise, and Rise, of Raahim Had

Proud to be a role model for younger students, Head Boy Raahim Hadi has wholeheartedly embraced everything ACG School Jakarta has to offer. In addition to his outstanding academic achievements, his experience while leading, representing, and supporting the ACG community has equipped him with an array of invaluable skills for life beyond the classroom.

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Raahim Hadi never imagined he would spend his final year of high school as Head Boy. But thanks to his natural aptitude for leadership, positive outlook, and unwavering commitment to serve others, he was an obvious choice among students and staff alike at ACG School Jakarta.

A driving force behind another successful year at the school, Raahim has worked tirelessly to inject fun, laughter and plenty of school spirit into all facets of ACG life. Serving his school – and his fellow students – is a responsibility he hasn't taken lightly.

"I am very grateful to be given this opportunity. It has enabled me to elevate the standing and voice of students in the school's affairs and decisions and improve communication between students and the school administration. I've also played a part in increasing the spirit of students within the school and making school livelier through student-collaborated events and activities," says Raahim.

Helping select Prefects and promoting events such as HalloWeek, ACG's Got Talent, Literacy Week and Trivia Night have been among his many highlights. He has also enjoyed working with the Assembly Team to co-produce monthly assemblies that revolve around school highlights, learning, festivities and school spirit.

"I am one of the faces of the school, and it's been important to me to represent ACG and the student body in a positive manner. As a head student, I have to be alert, observant, and sensitive to the needs of the school and act promptly with consideration of all stakeholders inside and outside of school."

It's made for a busy – yet incredibly rewarding – year for Raahim. In addition to his academic and Head Boy responsibilities, he has also tutored students in math as part of the STEM Peer Learning Club, assisted people with IT issues, supported the development of the school's Green Space Project, learnt to cook, and donated food to those in need within his local community.

"Often, it has been challenging to manage all the extracurricular activities and the demands of the second year of the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme (IBDP). But the experience has taught me how to manage my time and maintain a balance between my academic and non-academic life."

And fortunately, his role as a Year 12 Prefect laid solid foundations for Head Boy success.

"Being a Prefect last year was my first leadership position at ACG School Jakarta. It was quite enjoyable despite the pandemic, and I got to know other students in the school that were outside my year level at the time. I also got to know the school even better, and at the end of Year 12, I received the 2021 Leadership Award."
ACG School Jakarta places great importance on developing students' leadership skills, and Raahim is a shining example of the benefits that can be gained when students take up these responsibilities.

"I have developed so many skills by being part of student leadership at ACG. I've boosted my communication and social skills by interacting with students throughout the year levels. I've built confidence by leading meetings, developed my critical thinking through discussions with other Student Council members, and enhanced my teamwork skills while planning for events. Becoming a student leader is such a great way to develop your personality, unlock your potential and prepare for the future."

With his sights set on becoming an engineer, Raahim is confident all he has gained from ACG School Jakarta will serve him well.

"The teamwork and problem-solving skills I've gained as Head Boy will be particularly helpful in my tertiary studies, as these soft skills are inherent in a large subset of disciplines. Engineering is very collaborative, so I'll be ideally placed to collaborate and problem-solve with other students."

His advice for those keen to take advantage of the myriad leadership opportunities ACG School Jakarta offers? 

"Get involved as much as you can and develop the skills necessary for a successful future. At the same time, try to create a balance in your lifestyle and don't overwhelm yourself with too many activities, as this can be counterproductive. Climbing through school grades only gets harder but embrace it, as it will help you prepare for the transition into adulthood."

And most important of all?

"Enjoy every moment!"