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Parents believe virtual classrooms are a truly remarkable success

As we all adjust to a new normal with the current lockdown conditions, teachers and staff at ACG School Jakarta are doing all they can to ensure learning remains uninterrupted for our many students. From our youngest Kindergarten learners to the Senior school, the move to a ‘virtual classroom’ has been an instant success.
A word from our parents

We are open for learning and we couldn’t be more pleased with the overwhelmingly positive feedback parents continue to share about our interactive virtual school environment. The success of these online learning platforms is a testament not only to our school and teaching staff, but also to our ACG students and their families.

Our students have quickly and easily adapted to digital classrooms and are enjoying this new style of school day as their studies proceed at pace.

Our parents are delighted that their children’s education is continuing without interruption. Any concerns they may have had about the burdens of home-schooling or the delays in implementing our online programmes were quickly alleviated when they saw the speed and efficiency with which the remote learning framework was put in place.

Parents have expressed their confidence and appreciation for ACG School Jakarta to Principal, Shawn Hutchinson, and we are truly grateful for both their favourable comments and their ongoing support in these unprecedented times.

A word from our parents:
“I would just like to express the gratitude and praise for past weeks of home-school organization by ACG school. Must express the greatest admiration to all the teachers and the school management to pull this off with such high level of professionalism. I had an opportunity to see also how other schools organized and can claim with confidence that you/we can lead by example. The amount and quality of work done was exceptional. Kids actually enjoyed and had no big issues. The routine and discipline remained the same throughout the whole period.” – Ksenija K.

“Just a quick note to thank you and your colleagues for managing this unprecedented situation so well. You closed the school at the right time, and have demonstrated that you are better prepared than most other schools (here or abroad) to ensure quality education continues. Our boys have enjoyed the online classes, and their teachers have been fantastic. One more reason why we are happy to be part of the ACG community!” – Andrew T.

“Thanks for the updates and it's been quite an eye opener from our side as to how much effort and preparation teachers have to undertake. The quality of the online teaching has been phenomenal and the dedication of you and your colleagues during this difficult time is both admirable and remarkable.” – Paul and Maggie G.