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Outstanding results: Raahim Hadi tops the leader board

He has changed schools – and education systems – three times in the last two years, but that hasn’t stopped Raahim Hadi gaining seven A* grades in his Cambridge IGCSE assessments.


With such outstanding results, Raahim has much to be proud of, earning A* grades (90% and above) for mathematics, chemistry, physics, English, global perspectives, English literature, and PE. Yet the humble teen is quick to point out he couldn’t have done it without the support of ACG School Jakarta.

“ACG has played a great role in helping me achieve this result. If it were not for the hard work of all my teachers I probably wouldn’t be where I am right now,” he says, making particular note of the well-planned lectures, strong student engagement, and lively ‘Q and A’ discussions that enhanced his learning.

“I think ACG staff help students achieve their full potential by tapping into their interests, and providing plenty of additional support outside the classroom, such as through online platforms. The staff are very supportive and friendly, and I think the school definitely lives up to its motto ‘Educate, Create, Innovate’. I love the multiculturalism, the warm hospitality, and the school’s use of IT tools to expand our sources of knowledge and prepare our generation for the digital future.”

In the last two years Raahim has transitioned from the American high school standard, to a standard of IGCSE in Pakistan, and finally in April 2019 to Cambridge IGCSE at ACG School Jakarta.

“Switching between three high schools is a gruelling experience and has definitely been my greatest challenge. But achieving these results in my IGCSE exams shows that my two years of hard work has paid off, and it has increased my motivation to keep striving for success in IB [International Baccalaureate] and when I go onto further study.”

Raahim’s “hard work” includes fully engaging in all classwork, group discussions, and teamwork, and never being afraid to ask questions and share his ideas.

“This helps my teachers get to know me and understand what my strengths and weaknesses are so they can help me develop. Outside of school, regular assignments and complementary work from online resources reinforce my understanding.”

Although the academically minded student excelled in all his subjects, it is mathematics and physics that are closest to his heart. In fact, Raahim even has his own YouTube channel where he shares his expertise on everything from linear function transformation and kinetic energy, to the law of momentum conservation.

“I find maths and physics fascinating as they are a part of everything around us. From the natural patterns that occur in mathematics and the language of the universe, to the application of maths in physics to understand the nature of reality. The never-ending fields of maths and physics make us think that we know a lot, but in the end what we know is a speck of what we do not even know exists. It truly fascinates me.”

Not surprisingly, Raahim’s enthusiasm for these subjects is already shaping his future.

“My long-term goals after high school include becoming an aerospace engineer. I am an aviation enthusiast and space exploration aficionado, so I think that will keep my interest up.”