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Our Year 6 students’ phenomenal PYP exhibition

As part of their International Baccalaureate Primary Years Programme (IB PYP), our Year 6 cohort produced an outstanding exhibition of independent research projects focusing on protecting the environment.

“Our students were introduced to a range of topics related to the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals a few months before the projects formally began. This allowed them to connect to different topics and have time to select the exact scope of their research,” explains Assistant IB PYP Coordinator Wendi Hunter. “We felt that giving them the agency to select their own topics was of the utmost importance. We then began the process in April, and our students had approximately eight weeks to complete the entire project.”

With the help and guidance of teaching staff, the exhibition was an in-class project, with specialist mentors providing assistance whenever possible.

“We gave the students time each day to collaborate with their group (if working in a group) or to do independent research. Teachers would also give mini-lessons on topics such as finding valid internet sources, how to cite accurately, and how to write their own Central Idea and Lines of Inquiry.”

In line with IB requirements, students were required to have a Central Idea and Lines of Inquiry with associated Key Concept Questions to frame their research.

“Students were able to choose how they wanted to fulfil these requirements and were assisted by their mentors, experts, and teachers,” says Ms Hunter. “They had a great passion for their topics and handled the bumps of virtual learning, took in feedback and completed wonderful projects. Everyone involved with our Year 6 cohort is extremely proud of them.”

Vanessa Ellison, IB PYP Coordinator, couldn’t agree more. “This year has presented so many challenges for our Year 6 students, yet they overcame them so successfully, and they should be very proud of themselves. Our students ‘lived our vision’ of being creative, innovative problem solvers, and confident users of technology throughout this process. The quality of the presentations was outstanding.

“Our students amazed me with their confidence during their live Q&A sessions with our ACG community, navigating their way through the questions, and answering them with such passion and understanding of their research,” adds Mrs Ellison. “I hope they use this experience in the future and remember how resilient and strong they were.”

Undertaking these comprehensive projects has undoubtedly been of great benefit for our Year 6 cohort, and the students themselves have confirmed many of the lessons they have learned.

Ari, who chose to focus on the plight of endangered animals, particularly enjoyed researching his topic and exploring the project’s different components.

“I love animals, so this felt like the right topic for me'” he says. “I liked completing the art component because it was fun and different from other people’s work. I wanted to show the earth and created it using string and glue mixed with corn starch to show how fragile it is, so we shouldn’t be so harsh and uncaring.

“The hardest part was finding reliable, true information. Ms Faaiza [Year 6 teacher] helped me loads, so I can now filter information and question if it is relevant and reliable. Paraphrasing was difficult, and I am still working on that skill.”

Classmate Jade, who also researched endangered animals, took a slightly different approach with her project.

“I chose this topic because I wanted to know more about the industries and brands that test on animals,” she reports. “I think animals should have the rights; they need to live and breathe in peace just like we do.

“I really enjoyed making the diorama with my project partner Maryam, and we got to make a video on awareness of animal extinction and poaching. But the research was the most challenging because it was hard to find websites that were appropriate and that I understood. The biggest lesson I learned from the project was that time management and planning are very important.”

Take a virtual tour of our PYP exhibition yourself to experience the phenomenal work of our Year 6 students.

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