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Nurturing future leaders for a changing world

ACG School Jakarta alumnus, Edwin Firmansyah, aims to lead technology innovation.

A student of the 2018 International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme (IBDP), Edwin Firmansyah is ready to initiate change for a better Indonesia.

Accepted to the University of British Columbia (UBC) Canada, one of the world's top 20 universities, Edwin has recently begun his studies in Electrical Engineering in the Faculty of Applied Science.

IBDP is the world's most popular high school qualification, with a strong focus on preparing students for future study. Thanks to Edwin’s exceptional IBDP results, extra-curricular and personal achievements, he was also the recipient of UBC's Outstanding International Student Award (valued at $10,000 Canadian).

With the intention of helping Indonesia become a global frontrunner of the Internet of Things, Edwin means to make this most of this educational opportunity by "Contributing to new advances to build a better future for Indonesia. For instance, through the new innovations of electric vehicle movement or a proficient implementation of smart microgrids. My ambition is to one-day tackle some of the engineering challenges facing Indonesia and the world, with the skills that I have consistently gained through my education at ACG School Jakarta and UBC."

ACG School Jakarta offers globally recognised qualifications through their Cambridge International and International Baccalaureate Diploma curricula. The programmes aim to equip students with the most in-demand skills for our high-tech era, including problem solving and critical thinking abilities, resourcefulness and ingenuity.

Shawn Hutchinson, Principal of ACG School Jakarta believes "Our curriculum aims to address the fundamental challenges that students are likely to face in the future, while ensuring students emerge successfully onto the global stage. One of the challenges that we need to overcome is the lack of highly-skilled talent to meet the demands of industry 4.0."

According to a research by A.T. Kearney, Indonesia only produces 278 engineers per 1 million people each year. These statistics are far behind regional peers such as Malaysia or Thailand, who produce over a thousand engineers every year.

"The gap is not merely academic. Experiential learning provides our students with a holistic experience before stepping out into the real professional world. Focusing on problem solving, creativity, and an entrepreneurial mindset, our programmes also inspire students to fully engage with the learning process" says Shawn.

Edwin is certain this holistic approach has given him a significant advantage when embarking upon his future education. "During my studies in ACG School Jakarta, I was consistently encouraged to engage in various leadership opportunities. They include running the first lock-in event, supporting house team events, speaking at assemblies and working with the student council to implement positive changes in the school. I successfully developed a balance of academic performance and experiential learning in a supportive, responsive environment, so I will be able to acquire new skills and opportunities I never thought possible."