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My experience in Youth Leaders' Summit

Youth Leaders Summit

My experience in the BINUS Youth Leaders' Summit was extraordinary as many unanticipated events took place in the span of three days. Firstly, I encountered many different individuals who presented different ideas on significant issues that are happening in our country, Indonesia and inspired me in many ways. Participating in BYLS has allowed me to open my mind to new situations and has taught me to think critically to formulate resolutions based on events that are impacting our ever-changing society.

Besides the presentation where my schoolmates and I spoke about issues surrounding Indonesian food security, which was a fruitful aspect of the summit, there was the mixed group discussions where six students of different schools were made to come together to make a project based on a given topic over the span of three days. The best overall project will be made into a real event or movement therefore the projects had to be realistic. This allowed me to not only learn about different issues revolving around our society, but also learn how to work together with other people to produce an outcome we were proud of.

My teammates and I were given the topic 'Sexual Abuse and Harassment'. During our first meeting, we were utterly clueless on what project to do based on our topic. Despite that, after brainstorming different ideas and endless consultations, we settled on an event called SEHATI ('One Heart'). We decided on the name as it portrays empathy with the victims of sexual harassment and allows us to connect with them as if our hearts are becoming one. Our idea of the event was to have a clinic where victims are allowed to anonymously communicate with psychological experts to speak on their experiences and seek advice if required. We also planned to have a seminar, a sharing session as well as beneficial self-defence classes open to anyone of the public who wish to take part.

On the third day, we presented our plan and explained our motives from our project which was to empower victims as well as educate the public on the importance of consent and different aspects of human rights. Without any expectations, our group won with the choice of best project, leaving all of us overwhelmed with contentment and surprise. Overall, I managed to learn a lot and truly enjoyed my time in BYLS. It has been an incredible experience which I am grateful for, and would definitely like to partake in again in the future.