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MUN conference: building links across the globe

MUN (Model United Nations) programmes offer ACG School Jakarta students – our future leaders, entrepreneurs and policymakers – the opportunity to connect with their peers and discuss pressing global issues in a progressive and thought-provoking environment.
ACG School Jakarta's 2021 MUN (Model United Nations)  delegates

According to the United Nations (UN), global citizenship is an umbrella term for the “social, political, environmental, and economic actions of internationally-minded individuals and communities on a worldwide scale.” At ACG School Jakarta, we not only strive to create global citizens among our student body, but we also equip them with the skills, knowledge and experiences they need to succeed in the future.

Events such as the MUN (Model United Nations) conference help us do this, providing an ideal pathway for our young learners to strengthen their sense of internationalism and gain a deeper awareness of global issues.

With the first of these conferences scheduled for mid-November, the increasing popularity of the MUN programme among ACG students has allowed an even greater range of participants to attend this year’s events. 

Encompassing a variety of ages and Year levels, our 2021 representatives include Amara Saputra (Year 12), Ellena Cumberbirch (Year 11), Nabiel Muthmain (Year 9), Raizaaisha Zahirman (Year 9), Ahsanu Nadiyya (Year 9) and Etarina Kuru (Year 9).

These highly-motivated student delegates have spent the past six weeks researching their designated motions, preparing policy statements, drafting resolutions, and polishing their speeches in preparation for the event.

ACG School Jakarta ITGS (Information Technology in a Global Society) and Global Perspectives teacher Brendan McTiernan helps to guide and support our students in their MUN journey and has outlined the upcoming conference below.

“Following on from our very successful participation in both the OxfordMUN Singapore 2019 conference and the virtual THIMUN Singapore 2020 conference, we will be taking part in a number of MUN conferences in the coming academic year. The first of these will be the virtual THIMUN Singapore 2021 conference, taking place from Monday 15th to Friday 19th November (from midday to 5pm each day).

“MUN is a forum for debate on selected global issues which follows the procedures of the actual United Nations conference structure. Delegates will be exposed to a network of peers, educators, and changemakers from private and government organisations to inspire their actions and ideas.

“They will prepare opening speeches on issues related to specific UN councils, and then collaborate and debate on draft resolutions to provide solutions to these issues following the rules and conventions of UN debating as they do so. As a result, they will be able to meaningfully explore different cultures, experience memorable committees, and take back stories for a lifetime.

“The MUN conferences strive to empower students, through these experiences, to become a generation of problem-solvers beyond the walls of the conference venue and challenge themselves to take back what they have learned to change and transform their own communities for the better.”

In addition to his role as ITGS and Global Perspectives teacher, Brendan McTiernan also coordinates the ACG School Jakarta MUN programme