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Meet IB Diploma Coordinator: Kieran Pascoe

Kieran Pascoe has always felt a strong connection with Indonesia. Having studied the language and participated in various exchanges and projects around the country, the IB curriculum expert was ideally placed to take the reins as ACG School Jakarta's new IB Diploma Coordinator.

Kieran Pascoe

As a new addition to ACG School Jakarta’s specialist teaching team, Kieran Pascoe is a passionate advocate of the International Baccalaureate curriculum. The Australian native believes this highly-respected programme encourages students to gain in-depth subject knowledge, hone their critical thinking and problem-solving abilities, develop wide-ranging life skills and become active global citizens.

Having joined us as International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme (IBDP) Coordinator at the start of the current academic year, Kieran boasts an extensive teaching background across Australia and Indonesia. He was first introduced to the IB programme in 2018 and has since taught IB Information Technology in a Global Society (ITGS) and Theory of Knowledge (ToK) to senior students in several international schools. He has also worked as a Diploma Programme Coordinator for the past two years, further enhancing his bona fides in the field.

In a recent interview, Kieran shares his approach to education, his appreciation and respect for everything the IBDP can offer and his excitement about joining the ACG community.

Kieran, what inspired you to become a teacher?
My parents are both educators, and clearly, they had a significant impact on me, so teaching seemed like an obvious career choice. I have a love of learning and enjoy interacting with young people, and as a result, I'm always keen to be in the classroom. 

What do you enjoy most about teaching?
I love how teachers can integrate their individual skills into the job. Personally, I'm interested in sport, swimming, filmmaking and music, all of which help in my teaching and school life. There's never a dull day at school.

What attracted you to ACG School Jakarta?
For me, a school should be a supportive, interesting and positive place for students and staff. A strong culture, care, student involvement and academic rigour are all important values. I like that ACG is a smaller school with all year levels together. It's wonderful to experience the community feel and see all the students of different ages working together and supporting each other.

How do you think the IBDP helps prepare students for the demands of tertiary study?
IBDP students develop all the thinking, writing, oral and analytical skills required to succeed in any university course – I feel their first year of tertiary study will feel like a breeze after the IBDP. Not only that, but these qualifications mean they can go anywhere in the world to begin their university journey. 

In addition to your responsibilities as the IB Diploma Coordinator, you'll also teach Years 12 and 13 English B classes. So how do you connect with students to make your lessons engaging?
I like to bring enthusiasm and humour to my classes; however, I also have high expectations for students' work. To keep lessons dynamic and interesting, I try and integrate technology as well as things like filmmaking, role-plays and learning games. Outside the classroom, I enjoy getting involved in school events and sports, which also helps build rapport with students. 

How would your past students describe you?
Enthusiastic, supportive and thought-provoking. I also get lots of feedback about my terrible dad jokes, although I'm not sure if that's positive or negative feedback!

What can we expect to see from you in the year ahead?
I'll be involved with the school in a variety of ways. I'll be working with the IBDP teachers and the school leaders to help drive improvements to the programmes and teaching and learning. I'll be doing my best to learn about ACG, recognise its strengths and look at ways to improve the school.

What tips or advice do you always share with your students?
Strive for balance. School and study are very important, but it's also essential to be active and healthy, get involved with things outside of school and spend time with friends and family. And sleep!