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Meet Head Girl: Isabel ten Have

ACG School Jakarta’s Isabel ten Have is facing a unique set of challenges in her new leadership role as 2020 Head Girl. However, the determined teen is clearly focussed on creating ongoing positive experiences across the entire ACG community during her time at the helm.


With current Covid-19 related restrictions affecting many of their usual activities, Isabel, and Head Boy Danu Yulianto are finding fresh ways to lead the school and inspire its students.

“This is the first time this position has been held in a completely virtual setting,” she explains. “I am definitely developing my ability to think creatively and adapt quickly to drastically different environments! This is something that has become imperative in our ever-changing global world.”

Luckily, six years at ACG School Jakarta have equipped Isabel well for the task.

“My years here have taught me everything I need to flourish in a twenty-first century environment, thanks to the programmes offered and how they are structured to give the best to students. Time management, communication, and cooperation have been essential to my experience at school, but besides that, one especially important thing I’ve learned is to be resourceful and try to see opportunities where others can’t.”

And what opportunities will the year ahead bring?

“I hope to maintain a sense of normalcy and togetherness among our school community, especially during these challenging times. Furthermore, I’d like for us to be able to facilitate a self-sustaining, multi and interdisciplinary learning environment through which all students can realise their potential.

“To me, being Head Girl means actively giving back to the school and its community, which is something I definitely hope to achieve this year. I also want to ensure that a culture of engagement and proactiveness is sustained in the future.”

There’s no doubt that Isabel has all the attributes she needs to accomplish her vision. Her leadership skills have gone from strength to strength as she has taken advantage of all that ACG School Jakarta offers.

“I have been vice-captain and house captain of the Cicaks House team and last year I was a prefect. I am particularly proud of everything the Student Council achieved last year. Not only did we add to the student experience despite the circumstances, but we were also able to aid and support local charities and organisations with the funds we raised!”

Isabel has participated in Clean Up Days, organised and performed in musical concerts, represented the Orcas swim team, and last year, the Wolves senior girls volleyball team, which competed in the ASAC volleyball tournament in Hanoi. She has made the most of every single day at ACG School Jakarta and treasures her time there.

“What I love most about ACG is the community – teachers, staff, students and parents alike all interact so closely with each other. To me, that is what really stands out in this school.”