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Meet Head Boy: Danujati Yulianto

When it comes to ACG School Jakarta, there’s not much Head Boy Danujati Yulianto (Danu) doesn’t know. He’s been at the school for over a decade and considers the ACG school community to be “like family”.


“I enrolled in the second semester of Year 1, and I’ve been here ever since. I know everyone, and everyone knows me, which is one of the things I love the most,” he says.

As a wide-eyed newcomer, Danu recalls looking up to the school’s senior students. Now, as Head Boy, it’s his turn to inspire and encourage those younger students who hope to follow in his footsteps.

“Growing up, I admired the senior students and tried to emulate them by being kind, hardworking and persevering with everything I did. Having those role model figures helped me push myself to become the person I am today, and now I want to give back, by being a positive role model for other ACG School Jakarta students.”

Finding out he had been chosen as Head Boy brought up a raft of emotions.

“I was excited, proud, and a bit anxious. It’s an amazing role to take on, but it’s also scary because the expectations are high, and I have big shoes to fill, left by ACG School Jakarta’s previous Head Boy, Adam [Putrayando].”

However, only a few weeks in, and Danu is already finding his stride as an inspirational leader.

“The Head Girl [Isabel ten Have] and I recently delivered a presentation about student leadership to our Year 4 classes. It was heart-warming to hear that some of the students are already looking up to us and can’t wait to be the next Head Girl or Head Boy. But it also reminded me that my actions have a direct impact on these kids. I’m starting to appreciate how much influence a leader’s actions can have.”

Danu hopes to accomplish a great deal as Head Boy in the coming year and intends to use his influence not just within the school grounds, but also beyond them.

“We have an amazing community within our school, but I would like to strengthen our relationships with other schools and organisations throughout Jakarta too.”

Thanks to the wide range of leadership opportunities the school has provided, Danu has already developed many of the skills he’ll need for success in the role. Year 11 saw him elected as student council representative and captain of the Biawaks House team (one of his all-time ACG highlights), and in Year 12 he was chosen as a prefect.

While leadership roles require significant commitment, Danu also prioritises his academic, sporting, and extracurricular passions – and he excels at them all. He came away from the annual prizegiving in May with the Academic Excellence Award (for the highest overall academic score), Most Valuable Player (both for the varsity volleyball and the football team), a Sportsmanship Award, and the Leadership Award. However, the talent teen believes his most memorable achievement was five years ago when, as a Year 7 student, he represented ACG in an international spelling bee.

“Back then, I was pretty timid and hated trying new things, especially in front of large crowds! Taking part in that tournament was definitely out of my comfort zone, but somehow I managed to win, and that gave me the confidence to tackle new challenges.”

It is situations such as these that provide the very best growth opportunities, and Danu is grateful he has been at a school where a holistic education is so highly valued.

“ACG School Jakarta has provided me with an excellent education and enabled me to achieve great academic results, particularly in my IGCSE examinations. However, some of the best ways ACG has prepared me for the future have occurred outside of the classroom. The school encourages students to be active and try new things. It has taught me to seize every opportunity that comes my way, and always be open to new experiences.”