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Meet Head Boy Anirudh Sripathi

Anirudh Sripathi is determined to leave a lasting legacy at ACG School Jakarta. Since taking up the reins as Head Boy earlier this year, the highly motivated teen has worked tirelessly to support his fellow students, enhance the school community and encourage all cohorts to make the most of every opportunity on offer.

Anirudh Sripathi

Boosting school spirit, inspiring joy and nurturing a sense of patriotism are just a few of the goals Anirudh Sripathi has set himself for the 2022 – 2023 academic year. And as ACG School Jakarta’s Head Boy, he is ideally placed to achieve them.

In his seven years at ACG, Anirudh has worked tirelessly to make life better for his fellow students. He’s been president of the Eco-Warriors Committee, House Captain for the Cicaks, a Student Council Representative for two years, a two-time MUN Delegate, and a Year 12 Student Council Prefect. His aptitude for leadership and his passion for helping others made him a winning choice for this year’s Head Boy.

“My previous leadership roles have taught me to be more accepting of other people’s perspectives, to be more caring, and always to keep the interests of others at heart,” says Anirudh. “I’ve learnt to weigh up the strengths and weaknesses of people’s ideas and find solutions that everyone can agree on, and I’ve also learnt the importance of being a good role model through my actions and behaviours.”

These qualities will serve him well, and if his enthusiasm and excitement are anything to go by, ACG School Jakarta students can expect the remainder of the academic year to be filled with events and initiatives with Anirudh and Head Girl Lidia Napitupulu at the helm.

“Fostering a friendly and cooperative learning environment and strengthening the bonds between teachers and students are among my many aspirations. I want to ensure that all students feel involved within the school and give them more opportunities to pursue their talents and interests. I really enjoy planning events and collaborating with my peers, and I hope to contribute to the school community in a way that benefits students and staff alike.

“To me, being Head Boy means maintaining an atmosphere of friendly cooperation, peace, discipline and unity in my school community and sharing and receiving ideas that will ultimately improve the school. Being Head Boy also means always maintaining the highest standards of behaviour, attitude and appearance and being a positive role model.”

It’s a big responsibility and a lot to juggle – Anirudh is also a hardworking academic, tennis player, drummer, debating enthusiast, volleyball player and dedicated Eco-Warrior. But he welcomes the challenge. 

“I’m glad to be in a position where I can make changes in the school, enhance the learning environment, and help a variety of people in myriad ways. Transitioning from virtual events back to physical face-to-face ones is one of the big challenges. But it’s also exciting because we can now be more innovative than ever.”

Undoubtedly, the skills Anirudh will build throughout the year will stand him in good stead for the future as he heads into tertiary studies and pursues his dream of becoming a corporate lawyer. For now, though, he is immersing himself wholeheartedly in his final year at ACG School Jakarta and doing everything in his power to be the best Head Boy he can be.

“I have such a keen interest in doing leadership work. From the moment an idea is born to the moment it becomes a reality, the process is nothing short of adventurous, enjoyable and rewarding – and seeing the smiles on the faces of students makes it even better!”
Just as he has been inspired by the many student leaders who came before him, Anirudh hopes that he too can inspire, encourage and motivate students as they make their way through their ACG School Jakarta journey. 

“ACG is a haven of opportunities for those seeking to be involved in extracurriculars and passions outside of academics. I strongly encourage everyone to consider participating in a club or activity to improve and master their respective crafts. Embrace the chance to try something new! Leadership opportunities are also beneficial to self-development both in the short-term and long-term and will undoubtedly be useful for your further education or career.”

Anirudh’s top tips for making the most of life at ACG School Jakarta:

  • Try new things whenever you can and embrace change – it’s good to step outside of your comfort zone.
  • Express yourself and communicate with others – you’ll develop better relationships, and people will understand you better.
  • Be organised – prioritise your list of tasks and responsibilities so that you don’t miss any deadlines or forget anything important.