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Meet admissions officer: Mia Sari

When you apply to ACG School Jakarta, you'll first meet Admissions Officer Mia Sari. Her role is to support you through the process, answer any questions you may have (no matter how big or small) and ensure your child's transition to our school is as easy and seamless as possible.

Mia Sari

Born and raised in Indonesia, Mia has been an invaluable member of the ACG School Jakarta team for over 15 years. Combining her Public Relations degree from the University of Indonesia with her background in customer service and education administration, Mia is the perfect person to introduce you to everything our school has to offer.

Mia is an expert at putting people at ease with her warm and welcoming approach as she helps families navigate the application process. With her focus on helping students and their families become a part of our ACG community, she will ensure your child's transition to our school is as easy and seamless as possible.

Mia, in your view, what's the best thing about ACG School Jakarta?
I love that we are a smaller school with a close-knit community where every child is known, valued and cared for. Our school offers a welcoming, inclusive environment where we not only help students develop into creative, innovative and well-rounded problem-solvers, but we also empower them with the skills to thrive in multicultural, global environments. 

What qualities are most important to you in a school?
I believe students need to be excited when they come to school – when students enjoy their learning, they are fully engaged and more motivated to achieve their best. The way our teachers constantly strive to keep lessons as interactive and dynamic as possible is incredibly beneficial at all year levels and ensures the students maximise their potential while having fun.

What can people expect when they enquire at ACG School Jakarta?
A prompt response, the opportunity to learn more about our wonderful school, a warm welcome when they visit us (Covid-19 permitting) and all their questions answered. 

What sort of questions do parents tend to ask?
It depends on the year level. Primary parents are mainly interested in the general daily routine and curriculum. However, Middle to High School parents tend to ask more focussed questions such as university pathways and how we can help their child achieve to the best of their abilities. As our school continues to grow, the questions keep evolving, so there's never a dull moment.

What does the enrolment process involve? 
It's a very simple and straightforward process. After the initial enquiry, parents submit our simple application form online. Families are then invited to join us for an enrolment interview with myself (for students in kindergarten to Year 8) or our Principal (for students in Year 9 and above). The interview is an excellent way for new students to get to know our school while helping us to understand the expectations and goals of the parents as well. 

We also request new students in Years 2 to 11 perform a CAT4 assessment once they have been offered a place at ACG School Jakarta. The CAT4 is a predictive school entrance test that enables us to assess each student's academic ability and ascertain how they best learn in the classroom to help maximise their potential.

My role is to support each family throughout the entire process, from the initial enquiry to ensuring every child's transition is smooth and comfortable.

Tell us about how you support students as they transition into the school.
I arrange a post enrolment meeting with every new student before their first day of school, where I discuss our culture, routines and the platforms we use in the classroom. In addition, I have an open-door policy, so the students know they can always find me if they have any questions, and I keep in regular contact to make sure they are transitioning well. Finally, to help our parents become a part of the ACG community, I arrange for them to meet with existing families to talk about their child's experiences at the school and sometimes even about living in Jakarta.

What do you enjoy most about the role?
Meeting various people from different cultural and social backgrounds and trying to understand the needs and expectations they have for their child's education. 

Where can we find you when you are not supporting our ACG School Jakarta families?
My favourite thing is spending time with my husband, two lovely daughters, and furry pets. I also enjoy tending my plants in our mini garden.