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Meet ACG School Jakarta Principal Myles d’Airelle

ACG School Jakarta Principal Myles d’Airelle knows just what it takes to make a great school. Not only is he a highly-respected educator with a wealth of experience, but he’s worked at top independent schools from Germany to Ukraine to China. He’s got a global perspective and a strong background in the IB Diploma Programme – and he’s ideally placed to lead ACG School Jakarta into the future.

Jakarta Principal Myles d’Airelle

So Myles, what does make a great school?
First and foremost, the people and the community. It’s all very well having impressive facilities but you know you’ve come to a truly great school when you walk through the doors and the community welcomes you. It’s the progressive values and open heartedness of the school community that’s really important to me and that’s exactly what attracted me to ACG School Jakarta.

What are your main priorities as Principal?
I’m looking to bring a truly global outlook to the community, and develop students’ entrepreneurial spirit so they’re prepared to transition into the world after ACG. I want to strengthen the sense of belonging so students always feel welcome and alumni want to come back and visit. I’m also working to develop more opportunities for our students to meet with universities, think creatively about their futures and examine the pathways to success. Supporting students in their future choices is essential. On a more grounded level, I’d like to see more opportunities outside of the classroom, including in sports and the arts.

How would you describe your educational philosophy?
My educational philosophy has changed as I have grown as a teacher and leader. I really want to see myself as a facilitator and mentor to students and faculty. It’s about see people’s potential and determining how, through what activities or strategies, that potential can be nurtured.

What excites you about education?
The ability to continue to learn and help support others in their dreams. Pedagogy changes, and understanding and implementing these changes – and seeing students flourish – is what excites me.

ACG School Jakarta provides students with a holistic education. What does that mean to you?
I want students to do their best academically and apply to the best fit universities, but it’s also important to look at the student as a developing individual, not just a scale of numbers. They need to be thinkers, empathic, solution finders and also have passions beyond numbers. It’s brilliant when a student has something they can excel at outside the classroom, be it debating, model making, fashion design or cosplay.

What sort of leader are you?
I like to think of myself as a collaborative leader, no one person can have all the answers, but by working together with other amazing people, you get better results.

You’re a former maths and science teacher with a strong IB curriculum background. What are the benefits of IB and how are you planning to further strengthen this programme at ACG?
The Diploma gives every student a broad education and the chance to excel in areas of strength. It allows them to experience university-style learning while still having the support of familiar faces, standing them in good stead as they transition into tertiary studies. The Diploma course is challenging and combines rigorous academics with core elements and experiences – preparation is key. Our goal is to ensure students develop strong study skills and the ability to balance and prioritise these various areas before they enter the programme. This ensures they’re in the best possible position to succeed.

What are your thoughts on the educational landscape in Jakarta?
I previously lived in Indonesia for nine years but much has changed in my 15-year absence. ACG School Jakarta stands out as a school where students can grow as individuals and push themselves to achieve in different areas. There are few schools which have the strength of diversity which ACG offers, and we embrace that. I would say that within the local context there’s a change to be seen in how local students are taught and more critical thinking is encouraged.  At ACG, we do this from Kindergarten all the way through to Year 13, this is a strength of the curriculum which we have developed.

What do you enjoy doing outside of work?
I have simple interests – comics, Lego and superheroes are among them.

What advice can you share with students?
Get enough sleep and look after yourself. This will give you the focus you need for study, sports and more, and will also help you to have healthy relationships and support those around you.

And finally, please complete this sentence: At ACG School Jakarta, students will be…
Global in outlook, local in action, entrepreneurial in nature, compassionate in outreach.