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Lidia leads the way

While Year 12 student Lidia Napitupulu has enjoyed a host of leadership positions at ACG School Jakarta, she considers being named prefect one of her proudest moments. Determined to showcase her skills and abilities over the coming year, she is more than ready to meet the challenges of her new role.
ACG School Jakarta Year 12 prefect, Lidia Napitupulu

When Lidia Napitupulu first learnt she’d been chosen as a prefect, she was convinced there had been a mistake. But when the news eventually sunk in, elation quickly followed.

“I felt a lot of mixed emotions – at first, I was in denial, but as I read through my acceptance letter, I became more confident that it was real. That’s when I started feeling thrilled and excited,” says the ACG School Jakarta Year 12 student.

It’s an opportunity she’s been working towards throughout her decade at the school, honing her leadership skills as a student council member and vice-captain of the Cicaks House. 

“These prior leadership positions have laid the groundwork, teaching me invaluable skills like discipline, perseverance and communication. Now I hope to put this knowledge and experience to good use within the student council community.”

And she’s got a lot of plans for the year ahead to keep her occupied and engaged.

“At the moment we’re planning our first event, details of which will be released soon, and also meeting lots of new students. We’re working on getting to know each other well and building great teamwork.”

But as Lidia points out, she and her fellow prefects are just getting warmed up.

“I hope to showcase many of my ideas throughout the year, so please stay tuned! Being a prefect means listening to students’ suggestions and creating events that they are enthusiastic about participating in. It also means speaking on behalf of students in the hopes of leading and organising activities that boost school spirit.”

It’s a challenging yet rewarding role and one that Lidia believes will prepare her well for the future. 

“After only a few weeks as a prefect, I can tell you that this is not an easy job. As a first-time prefect, I’m still getting used to the system and how it works and relying on feedback and support from the Head Boy [Raahim Hadi] and Head Girls [Rebecca Balanescu and Anh Vu]. But overcoming these challenges will help me develop excellent leadership qualities, boost my problem-solving skills and improve my ability to work with new people. I’ll be able to use all these skills at university and also in any future jobs.”

And with a host of leadership roles on offer across every facet of school life, Lidia says all students can develop their leadership capabilities at ACG School Jakarta.

“Personally, I think it’s critical for students to have leadership experiences at this age. Learning to be a leader helps you build your identity, grow your creativity and form bonds with other students, and you’ll gain communication and interpersonal skills that will set you up for life.”