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Learner Profile of The Month: Principled

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This month, we continue to explore the Learner Profile attributes with a particular focus on being principled

One of the greatest struggles that each person is faced with is finding the balance between being opportunistic and standing by their principles. Older generations look on the youth of today with dismay because they see that the current generation has such different values then they did, but it’s not necessarily true that today’s children do not have principles that they hold dear.

These principles are just different than the ones that we knew as children or that our parents knew as children. Still there are some principles that cross all generations. Honesty, integrity, compassion. Perhaps a difference with the students of ACG School Jakarta is that they frame their principles in a more global context. Issues around the environment and equality are garnering more attention all the time. But regardless of what generation we are speaking of, all of us can reflect on individuals that we have met who stand by what they say and what they believe in and reflect on other individuals that change their values frequently when it serves their purpose. 

I think we can agree that we hold those individuals in higher respect who stand by their convictions. We know we can depend upon them and can trust them as well, particularly when those principles are worthy ones. This is the challenge that this learner profile attribute sets for our students. They must discover in themselves the beliefs and values that they find to be true and then stand by them. It takes a reflective and courageous person to do just this, which is a further reminder of how each of the learner profile attributes are interconnected.