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Learner Profile of The Month: Knowledgeable


The aim of the IB PYP and DP Programmes is to develop internationally minded people who, recognizing their common humanity and shared guardianship of the planet, help to create a better and more peaceful world (International Baccalaureate Organization 2013).

The IB Learner Profile represents the IB’s mission statement in action. It provides a long-term vision of education. The qualities in the IB Learner Profile prepare IB students to make exceptional contributions in life on and off campus. This month we explore the Learner Profile attribute: knowledgeable. Being knowledgeable means to explore concepts, ideas, or problems that have local or global significance. By doing this, students are able to gain in depth knowledge and develop understandings across a broad and balanced range of disciplines (IB 2013). How can you help at home? Encourage your son / daughter to read books or news articles at home that correspond with the topics or themes being covered in school. Reading in your child’s mother tongue will help him / her make more meaningful, lasting connections to what is being taught in the classroom in English. Ask about what your child is learning in school and engage in conversations about it by asking questions such as, “Why do you think that is an important thing to know about?” or, “Can you think of anything happening in the world today that might be similar to that aspect of History?” Foster any area that your son / daughter expresses an interest in with books and activities, but also be sure to encourage them to explore other areas. Encourage your child to become familiar with current events and to read the newspaper and watch the news when appropriate. Catch your child being knowledgeable. Make sure your child knows he / she has done something good. Expressing your approval is a powerful way to reinforce learner profile attributes.