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Leading by example: Maliek ten Have

Our STUCO (student council) leaders have certainly made the most of the current academic year. In addition to their various responsibilities across the school, they have encouraged students at all year levels to participate and become actively involved in a wide range of events and activities.


Connection, creativity and communication have been the hallmarks of events hosted by our ACG School Jakarta STUCO prefects this year. These highly-motivated Year 12 representatives have been exercising their ingenuity, critical thinking and problem-solving skills to develop unique and innovative digital activities and initiatives for their fellow students to enjoy. 

With previous events, including the "ACG's Got Talent" showcase, "Let's Get Trivial" quiz night, and Literacy Week, we've asked our prefects to reflect on the lessons they have learnt while helping to entertain, engage and unite the ACG community. Maliek ten Have shares his thoughts on his experiences within the 2021-2022 STUCO team.

Maliek, can you tell us how you have made the STUCO events more interesting and exciting this year?
With the current limitations of hosting events virtually, we have extended the duration of the events themselves. This means that students can be involved in additional games and competitions compared to last year, where there might only be one activity – a movie night, for example. These added competitions make everyone feel more involved and present the students with more opportunities to compete and have fun.

And how do you make sure all students are aware of these events and are excited to get involved?
To promote events, we have a separate design division in the STUCO where a group of students make fun posters and banners on @acgjstuco, which is the ACG Jakarta student council Instagram page. In addition, we encourage every student to participate through advisory calls we make to each year level in the lead-up to each event.

One of your most successful events was the 2021 HalloWeek. Tell us about activities STUCO implemented to support this popular initiative?
Well, HalloWeek was an event where students had the opportunity to compete in Halloween-themed virtual games such as Kahoot,, and Among Us. It was highly interactive and a lot of fun for all the participants. Plus, we held two competitions where students could win some great prizes. The first was for students to write their own scary story, and the second was a costume contest where students could dress up as their favourite scary character. Lastly, we had a virtual movie night where we could enjoy movies with friends on a call.

What is the most important thing you will take away from helping to organise and run these events?
The main lesson that I have learnt is that we can still make anything fun and interactive even though we do it virtually. In general, people have adapted to doing things and ‘attending’ events online, as we have seen in the form of watching movies and online concerts. So by exploring this further, I think we have been able to organise a lot of really fun events. I've also learnt about the challenges involved when working in a group. It's essential to ensure that each person understands and works with the whole STUCO on these events.

These organisational, teamwork and leadership skills will undoubtedly prove to be beneficial in the future – especially as I will definitely have to work within a team environment again on a professional level.

Overall, what have you enjoyed the most as a STUCO member this year?
The biggest rewards have all been around working with the STUCO team itself. Each student in the student council is a joy to work with, and discussing and brainstorming about events is always fun and interactive. Seeing events come together and receiving great reactions from students and teachers is an amazing reward. And although sometimes organising these events can be pretty tiring and requires careful time management, this is something I signed up for, and I take great pride in doing my best and working to my potential.