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“Leadership roles have helped me to become more organised, sociable, and creative”

Being part of the ACG School Jakarta student leadership team has been an incredibly positive experience for Anh Vu and one she can't recommend enough. As Co-Head Girl, Anh has not only enjoyed an extremely productive year personally but has also helped to create a rich and rewarding school life for her fellow students. 


Exceptional multi-tasker, natural leader, and passionate student advocate, ACG School Jakarta’s Anh Vu is a young woman with many talents. 

The 16-year-old Co-Head Girl has played a pivotal role in shaping school culture. She’s been a driving force behind many school decisions and works tirelessly to ensure ACG life is rich and rewarding for all who study there.

“I feel grateful to be in a position where I can be the voice of my cohort and where my input is heavily considered within big school decisions,” she says.
Anh’s three years at the school have primed her well for the role, honing her leadership capabilities and unlocking her potential. She developed her skills as a prefect last year. And this year, she has been a leading light behind everything from school assemblies and Open Days to student council and – her biggest highlight – the student-driven graduation ceremony.

“Being a Head Girl isn’t just one role; it is many roles within one. This year I became co-head of the assembly team, head of the yearbook team, student council member, co-head of the graduation committee and an assistant teacher for the hip-hop club. I’ve also been involved in green space volunteering, reading class volunteering and the ASAC Music Festival.”

Balancing these responsibilities with the rigours of the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme (IBDP) has been no small undertaking, but Anh says the rewards have been plentiful.

“I hope I’m making the school experience more enjoyable for students and bringing to light any concerns they may have. For me personally, these leadership roles have helped me become more organised, sociable, and creative and have improved my communication skills. I’m way more self-reflective now, which has boosted my problem-solving skills, and I can compromise well and encourage my other team members.”

What’s more, they’ll be extremely valuable skills for the future when Anh heads overseas to study business management and entrepreneurship at her chosen university. She has already received several offers of place, including the Florida Institute of Technology.

“I’ll be able to lead my future projects efficiently. Even if I’m not the one in charge, I’ll still be able to be a communicative team member who can input a lot of ideas.” 

For now, though, she is creating her legacy at a school she loves and encouraging others to make the most of their time there.

“I think it’s important to take control of your experience at school. Being involved in student leadership makes it possible to have a more personalised school experience and also helps ensure the opinions of all students get expressed and considered.

“Make sure to take advantage of the extracurriculars offered at school, or better yet, make your own. Being involved with a group of people who share the same interests and passions as you will create a safe space for personal growth. Also, make sure not to be too caught up in academics, enjoy your school experience to the fullest, talk to people, and make lasting relationships.”