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‘Intriguing’ events on the cards for ACG students

Delighted to be appointed as a Year 12 prefect, Maliek ten Have has big plans for the coming months and is grateful for the opportunity to give back to a school that has given him so much.
ACG School Jakarta Year 12 prefect, Maliek ten Have

Maliek ten Have is currently helping to plan ACG School Jakarta’s first big event for the year. And the Year 12 prefect couldn’t be happier about it.

“Being a prefect means a lot since I’m now able to help the school and try to give students what they want in terms of events and student council,” says Maliek (16). “I’m going to do my best to make all the events this year as intriguing as possible.”

Now in his fifth year at ACG School Jakarta, Maliek is a familiar face around campus. He has helped the Student Council organise several events over the years and has previously held roles as vice-captain and captain of Biawaks House.

“These experiences taught me an abundance of life lessons. For example, I used to be very introverted, but I’ve now learnt to communicate and build relationships with students I don’t know very well personally. I’ve also learnt how to organise things effectively and split students up into groups or teams for events and activities.”

Maliek has eagerly embraced opportunities to develop his leadership capabilities, knowing that he is developing attributes that will serve him well, not just in his current role as prefect but also as he moves forward into the future.

“Taking on leadership roles throughout high school boosts our organisational and decision-making skills and teaches us how to navigate the challenges of working in a collaborative environment. The skills I gain will enable me to conduct myself in a more professional manner and help me deal with any issues and overcome obstacles when organising and executing events. They will be invaluable if I take on leadership roles at university and even when I start my career.”

As a student who loves to tackle new challenges, Maliek’s appointment to the role of Year 12 prefect was a big thrill and a responsibility he is not taking lightly.

“I was very surprised and grateful when I found out I’d been chosen – but the strongest feeling I had was one of joy.”

Why? “Because it means I can now help repay ACG School Jakarta for all it has done for me.”