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International Baccalaureate CAS project brings myriad benefits

“You do not really understand something unless you can explain it to your grandmother.” Wise words from Albert Einstein and a quote which resonates strongly with ACG School Jakarta student Raahim Hadi.


As part of his International Baccalaureate Creativity, Activity, Service (CAS) project, Raahim has created a YouTube channel ‘Lockdown Studies’, where he delivers educational videos focusing on mathematics and physics. Not only are his tutorials bringing serious benefits to those who find these subjects challenging, but Raahim himself is reaping wide-ranging rewards.

“I love the fact that my videos are helping people from all around the world,” says Raahim, who has viewers from as far afield as Zambia, South Africa and Saudi Arabia. “I hope that I can expand my YouTube channel gradually so that I can share my knowledge of STEM [science, technology, engineering and mathematics] subjects with even more people.”

As well as being an outlet for the Year 12 student to impart his expertise, it has helped him reinforce high school concepts which he can apply to his International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme (IBDP).

“One of the most significant things I’ve learnt from this process is that teaching is a lot harder than simply understanding a concept. One could say that teaching is the testing of one’s learning.”

While Raahim initially launched the YouTube channel as a hobby, its popularity inspired him to develop it as his CAS experience. Aimed primarily at Year 10 and 11 students, he has created 48 tutorials so far, with topics ranging from electromagnetic effects to linear functions in point-slope form.

“The feedback I’ve received from viewers is very positive and encourages me to continue making videos for the benefit of the public. I’m starting to receive suggestions and requests for future videos now too. Listening to viewers’ needs and wants is quite important in the growth of the channel, so I hope to skew my videos to requested topics when I can.”

With plans to continue making at least one video a week, even after his CAS project is completed, Raahim certainly has a steady workload planned for 2021.

“Making YouTube tutorials is quite a time-consuming task. Before a video can be uploaded, I have to pick a topic, study it, make a lesson plan, and check if the information I am teaching is accurate and understandable. Filming itself takes about 90 minutes, and then before any of my videos can be uploaded, I have to edit them to refine and improve the quality. Finally, I have to go to my YouTube channel and begin the uploading process. All of these steps combined take around seven hours.”

Needless to say, squeezing in the creation of weekly tutorials with his academic and school commitments is a considerable feat.

“The biggest challenges of this project have been time management and motivating myself to keep making videos every week. Finding an appropriate balance between my academicsextracurricular interests and hobbies has been challenging as I have progressed further into the IBDP.”

But like all worthy endeavours, the experience has taught Raahim a great deal, and he has grown in ways he could never have imagined.

“I have learned from this experience that being a YouTuber is not easy. When it comes to making educational videos, time management is key – and teaching is a lot harder than learning a concept. Not only has the process improved my teaching skills, but I have also developed some video-editing skills and basic graphic design as well. I think making videos and speaking to the viewer is boosting my communication skills and confidence too.”

It’s fair to say the goals of the IB CAS project have most definitely been fulfilled.

To view Raahim’s tutorials, visit his Lockdown Studies YouTube channel