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Inspiring eco-friendly change with Hari Bersih Indonesia


Saturday 21st September sees the inaugural Hari Bersih Indonesia event take place; a nationwide, eco-responsive day dedicated to cleaning up and caring for the Indonesian environment.

As a gold sponsor, ACG School Jakarta will have at least 100 student volunteers participate in the clean-up, along with another 100 parents and staff. Principal Shawn Hutchinson feels it is essential for the school to support such an important cause. “We want our students to think about the world and work to take care of their community and environment. By developing children who care about the environment, we are helping the future of the planet for us all.”

“Our students and Eco-Warriors are acutely aware of the challenges we face and need local and regional platforms like Hari Bersih to continue their fight to improve how we protect our environment.”

Larger than previous events of this nature, and with official government backing, Hari Bersih Indonesia is set to create a countrywide impact. Rather than focusing solely on Jakarta, it extends both a national and regional reach, ranging across local and expatriate communities.

“The event, supporting government agencies and corporate sponsors are looking at ways to not only clean up trash and promote the four Rs, but they are also looking at air pollution, pollution of our water ways and the significant environment impact industry has on our oceans. Our Eco-Warriors, student leaders, students, teachers and parents are right behind this event and we will be proudly joining forces with local and national supporters to fight this crucial environmental battle” Mr Hutchinson explains.

Inspired by previous eco-friendly challenges, ACG School Jakarta’s student Eco-Warriors have been working hard since 2017 to improve their school environment, so the Hari Bersih event provides an excellent opportunity to expand their efforts.

“Our Eco-Warriors, supported and guided by Ms Miriam Foster (Primary) and Mr. Qasam Wahid (Secondary), are growing in popularity and this year will develop an action plan based on a full environmental audit of the school. The Eco-Warriors and student leaders will be instrumental in the implementation of policies and procedures that will ultimately help us align with our educational philosophy of operating in an ecologically sustainable manner” says Mr Hutchinson.

In keeping with the positive and buoyant attitude of Hari Bersih Indonesia, the day will end with several live performances, including one from a small number of students from ACG School Jakarta, to acknowledge and thank sponsors.