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IB delivers life changing opportunities

A scholarship to study at ACG School Jakarta has been a life-changing experience for budding scientist Ratu Salsabila Astrakusuma (Salsa).


Her two years at the school – and her immersion into the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme (IBDP) – ensured Salsa was primed for success when she began her highly anticipated Bachelor of Science degree.

Currently studying chemistry in her first year at IPB University (Institut Pertanian Bogor), Salsa hopes her excellent academic results and outstanding 2020 IBDP score (40/45 points) will create a scholarship pathway into a degree majoring in chemistry and biology as a combined course in France later this year.

“All my life I’ve wanted to be a scientist and the excellent resources and teachers at ACG School Jakarta have enabled me to maximise my scientific knowledge and research capabilities,” says Salsa. “With the support of the school, I’ve been able to embark on research that has helped me develop my skills as a young scientist, so now I’m a bit more familiar with analytical biology and chemistry.

“ACG also helped me learn about how to gather information and ensure that the ideas I put out to the world are up to international standards which made the transition to university easier.”

A keen advocate of the IBDP, Salsa says the curriculum helps students build everything from self-management, research and communication skills to critical thinking and media literacy.

“The International Baccalaureate trains us to strategise and plan for our work as effectively and efficiently as possible, while still creating something with depth and meaning. These are the skills we need to have when we enter university.

“The IB encourages a deep understanding of the fundamental concepts for each subject area and gives students a starting framework – every topic is a basic building block for the next topic to be understood with greater depth. The more you learn, the more you understand! It’s a curriculum that allows us to learn more about ourselves, what we love, what we find more challenging, how we learn and how we can grow as lifelong learners – it’s a curriculum that allows us to explore our passions in a multidisciplinary manner.”

To say Salsa enjoyed studying the IBDP is “an extreme understatement”. In fact, she found it so rewarding that after she gains her master’s degree in science, she plans to become an IB educator.

“IB has been a very significant part of my life. I plan to continue drawing on the wonderful resources I’ve developed during my IB studies, and eventually, I plan to teach them as well.”

But Salsa is quick to point out that it wasn’t only ACG’s curriculum that made such a positive imprint on her during her time at the school.

“Being a student at ACG was remarkable. Everybody is so welcoming, respectful and open-minded. The teachers genuinely care about your education and wellbeing, and they’re passionate about what they do. They provide you with resources that not only help you through high school but also through university, and there are myriad opportunities for leadership and participation.”

During her time at the school, Salsa was a prefect, led the Eco-Warriors student environmental group and the Yearbook Committee, and was also in charge of the graduation performances – “a once in a lifetime experience.”

“All these opportunities have helped shape me as a leader and be the best version of myself.”

And now Salsa is pouring all that rich knowledge and experience into the next phase of her learning journey – right now in Indonesia, next stop, the world.