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Helping support education for all with Kampung Kids

ACG School Jakarta is delighted to help provide education opportunities for children in need through its ongoing support of Yayasan Kampung Kids – a local organisation set up to provide nutrition, healthcare, and education to less fortunate Indonesian communities.


The school sponsors two Indonesian teens Yishan (14) and Selvianingsih (15), giving them access to a quality education that they may not otherwise have had. It’s an initiative that resonates strongly with ACG staff and students, who place great value on developing kindness, compassion and a sense of social responsibility.

“As we work with our students to develop 21st century learning skills and become internationally-minded young people, we must also help them understand their local context and provide meaningful service learning experiences,” says Principal Shawn Hutchinson.

“Our ongoing relationship with Kampung Kids gives our students opportunities to engage in fundraising activities to support the scholarship programme and we also arrange for young people from the community to visit our campus and interact with our students. Our students develop life skills and demonstrate care and compassion when working with young people less fortunate than themselves.”

ACG School Jakarta has been working with Kampung Kids since 2015, and this year fundraising activities are being spearheaded by Support Teacher Assistant Aidah Restu, and the Student Leadership Committee.

Aidah says she is delighted to be able to give back to her local community.

“I was really keen to help lead this initiative,” she says. “I was born in Indonesia and have spent my entire life here. I know from personal experience that some people really struggle to get access to education. Without financial support, many parents would not be able to send their children to school.”

Although Covid-19 has delayed a school visit from Yishan and Selvianingsih, plans are underway to enable ACG School Jakarta students to meet the pair – as well as other Kampung Kids recipients – in the not-to-distant future.

“There are so many things that ACG students can learn from this initiative, such as being caring, respectful and open-minded,” adds Aidah.

“These tenets align with our ACG School Jakarta mission and values, and I believe having the chance to interact with Kampung Kids will be very impactful for our students.”