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Head Boy off to world top-20 university

head boy

ACG School Jakarta Head Boy, Edwin Firmansyah has been accepted to the University of British Columbia (UBC), Canada, where he will study Electrical Engineering in the Faculty of Applied Science.

The university is consistently ranked among the top 20 public universities in the world.

Edwin has received the university’s Outstanding International Student (OIS) Award, worth $10,000 Canadian. The OIS Award recognises extraordinary academic, extra-curricular and personal achievements.

Born in Sydney, Australia, Edwin has been at ACG School Jakarta for 12 years and is part of the school’s first cohort to complete the IB Diploma Programme. Edwin aims to undertake a bachelor’s degree at UBC and gain work experience in Kelowna city’s prospective technology sector.

His ambitions are to one day tackle some of the engineering challenges facing Indonesia and the world.

“As an Indonesian, I hope to use the experiences I’ll gain to contribute towards helping my country become a global frontrunner for exploiting the Internet of things, a driving force for electric vehicle movement or a proficient implementor of smart microgrids,” he explained.

He’s also looking forward to continuing life as an international student and getting involved in the university’s clubs and course unions to collaborate amongst those with diverse backgrounds and similar passions.

“Being an international student all my life, it feels comforting to know that UBC is home to the most international student population in all of North America.”

His time at ACG School Jakarta has prepared him to embark on greater challenges, he says.

“ACG can be described as a playground; I had the freedom to develop myself holistically through engaging in various leadership opportunities, sports teams and music performances. I have the ACG community, the teachers, the students and even the parents to thank for allowing me to bloom. There’s this intimate atmosphere which facilitated the student-centred experience and supportive environment that helped me focus on academic performance and acquiring skills I never thought possible.”

Edwin will take up his place at UBC in September.