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Global Village Day 2018

Global Village Day 2018

On 7 December, the whole school celebrated diverse cultures and countries of ACG School Jakarta. Global Village Day, in line with our school mission of international mindedness, was a fantastic way to bring us all together in one big, happy day of celebration and learning. Students, parents and teachers arrived in the morning wearing their traditional dress for the event, and we had an amazing day of unity and harmony.

A flag parade, led by the eldest student of each nationality, was a wonderful way to begin our Global Village Day Assembly. This year, we have 33 different nationalities across Primary and Secondary. The assembly featured many wonderful performances which, in keeping with our theme, featured different groups coming together. Anisa and Edwin, our Head Girl and Head Boy, led our Global Village Assembly and Mr. Hutchinson looked sensational as a jar of Vegemite. Lower Primary sang, danced and hand-signed to the heart-warming ‘Light a Candle for Peace,’ which has been sung by more than 150,000 children around the world from more than 50 countries. Upper Primary sang their own original song and charmed us all. It was so good that we are thinking of adopting it as our new school song! Secondary students gave a beautiful classical recital, and we watched an inspiring video featuring the ACG community expressing how we are global citizens working together to make the world a better place. The finale was the awesome parents' dance in which groups choreographed their own dances to highlight their individual cultures.

Global Village Day involved the students in international activities, which helped develop global tolerance, respect and unity. The students loved sharing information about their respective cultures and home countries and finding out more about those of their friends.

The Global Food Bazaar filled the gym with food from around the world from our respective home countries and cultures. The students were open-minded about trying new food and showed respect to all the parents who had worked so hard to set up inspiring booths to showcase their culinary delights.

Thank you to everyone for making Global Village Day 2018 such an amazing experience. See you next year!