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Fostering leadership and creativity through student-led initiatives

ACG School Jakarta has introduced an array of student-led enterprises to promote independent thinking, equip young people with the ability to assume leadership roles, and give them the confidence to help drive future change.
Radio Station

Extending across the ACG School Jakarta curricular and co-curricular activities, the initiatives are operated entirely by ACG’s Secondary students. They include producing a monthly digital magazine, managing the Student Council’s Instagram account and running the school’s radio station.

“These initiatives create multiple platforms that require critical, creative and innovative thinking to be successful. By encouraging creative thinking, our young people learn problem-solving skills which are important to help them thrive and succeed as future leaders in their professional lives,” says ACG School Jakarta Principal, Shawn Hutchinson.

ACG School Jakarta’s focus on such activities has been an ever-growing fixture within their dual curricula – the Cambridge International and International Baccalaureate (IB) programmes.

“Our curriculum encourages students to master a particular subject in-depth, so they will become confident individuals who stand out in society, with the ability to set ambitious goals and go through the challenging process to achieve them,” adds Mr Hutchinson. Our IB Diploma Programme enriches students with a personalised learning process to develop their interests for lifelong learning through compassionate and real-life practices.”

One of the core components of ACG’s IB Diploma Programme is the Creativity, Activity, and Service (CAS) Project which emphasises the value of learning experiences beyond the classroom setting. These elements are clearly reflected in the school’s focus towards student-directed endeavours.

ACG Radio Station
Founded in 2018 by one of ACG School Jakarta’s Senior Teachers, Richard Todd, the ACG Radio Station allows students to learn and explore professional broadcast practices. They have the chance to write scripts, conduct research and interviews, and produce content using Rodecaster Pro, a fully integrated podcast production studio.

Mr Todd feels that the focus on play and experimentation within the radio station encourages problem-solving skills.

“We have noted that future employers are more inclined to hire people who can solve problems, and not simply to fill a space in an office,” he said. “This radio station helps prepare young people to be independent, creative, responsible and competent, and equips them with real skills connected to the world outside of school.”

STUCO Instagram
STUCO Instagram is the official Instagram account of ACG School Jakarta’s Student Council. Started in October 2019, the platform updates the ACG Jakarta community about the various school events the council runs. One of the moderators, Year 12 Prefect Lina Hutchinson, highlights how this account is different from the school’s main Instagram page due to it being entirely student-led.

“It gives students and parents fast and accurate updates that come straight from us,” says Lina.

“From a leadership perspective, we have learnt a lot, like effective strategies to organise an event from scratch, plus how to advertise and make announcements via social media.”

She believes the council’s involvement in managing the social media platform has positively impacted on their academic studies.

“It helps us relate to subjects like Art and Economics. Through this account we have learnt more about graphic design, colour schemes and poster designs. Plus, it is a great form of advertising which allows us to keep learning about persuasive text creation and the importance of communication in our daily life.”

ACG Times
Another recently introduced enterprise is the ACG Times, a digital magazine which shares information about both school and campus life.

Year 12 student and content writer, Anastasia Sufian, explains how the student-directed magazine gives them an opportunity to offer their perspective on school affairs and has posed challenges for the editorial team to overcome.

“We learned to manage the editorial process and plan content strategy from beginning to end. We now have a better understanding of the importance of teamwork and creativity in producing appealing visuals and content,” she says.

With the help of the School Principal and teachers, ACG Times has become a popular and well-regarded news source, widely subscribed to by ACG parents and teachers. For more information, visit: