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Encouraging parental involvement in our new kindergarten programme

We're delighted to introduce our new “Let’s Investigate" early-years education initiative, in which parents are encouraged to engage in their children’s play-based learning programme.

With the launch of our new kindergarten programme “Let’s Investigate”, we’re inviting parents to participate in the curriculum alongside their children. Run by expert early childhood educator and recently appointed ACG School Jakarta Senior Teacher – Early Learning, Vanessa Ellison, the programme not only emphasises exploration and learning experiences, but also the involvement of parents in their children’s education.

“During the session we welcome all parent’s involvement in the classroom, not just to accompany their children, but to take part in their child’s activities. We invite parents to see ACG School’s kindergarten curriculum through the eyes of their children and to participate in what their children encounter in the classroom” Vanessa explains.

“Let’s Investigate” gives parents and caregivers the opportunity to enjoy different learning areas with their children. The environment is set up in such a way as to foster open-ended inquiries and explorations for the children, and essentially offers parents the chance to simply join in and follow their child’s play ideas.

Every area of investigation and discovery reveals different elements which are fundamental to the children’s further academic development and, at the same time, provides an interactive, fun filled learning environment. These learning experiences include painting and texture experimentation, ‘loose parts’ for counting and patterning, along with an array of construction and building materials, and imaginative role-playing and story writing.

“When investigating through play, children will develop their passion in certain activities, and the games which encourage them to experiment and ask questions are fundamental to their early cognitive development. Most importantly, this reduces pressure on children, yet they can see learning as a fun activity to explore. We’re not only involved in knowing how the curriculum works, but also analysing the real interaction between our children, teachers, and the school’s community to further understand the learning process in every situation,” says Asma Azamatullah, one of our ACG kindergarten parents.

Vanessa adds, “Our priority is working collaboratively with all parents, for instance attending our primary assemblies, inviting them in to be guest speakers during our Units of Inquiry, as well as attending all information sharing events, and parent-teacher and student-led conferences. Parents can also use a digital platform to update any actions they have seen their children taking at home, so they can always monitor progress of the learning process.”