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Eco-Warriors Updates

Teacher interview

As part of the Foundation for Environmental Education accreditation, students in Year 9 recently conducted a school-wide audit to investigate how eco-friendly the school was. They analysed the information they collected to highlight strengths and also make some recommendations. The audit itself required the students to make observations around the school, interview staff, and analyse behaviour patterns in relation to energy usage.

Some of the recommendations included installing motion sensors to control lights in the parts of the school that are less commonly used, installing springs on doors to automatically close doors and thus reduce the amount of time the air conditioning is required to remain on, and educating students and staff about practices that can help to reduce power wastage.

The Secondary team will now submit the audit to the Foundation for Environmental Education and look forward to updating you once we have been accredited. Living and learning in a healthy and clean environment is important to us at ACG school Jakarta, and we believe this is best achieved by raising awareness and educating our students to make a difference.

The Primary Eco-Warriors for Term 3 are Yusra, Raphael, Leica, Keira, Sophia, Yusuf, Sean, Aena and Toukpe. They have worked very hard this term carrying out an environmental review of our school to determine what we all need to do in order to care for animals and the environment and preserve resources. This has involved finding out the answers to many questions on such areas as waste minimisation, energy, water, and transport. They are now using the information to suggest actions we all might take to improve our impact on the environment. Their next step is to collaborate with the Secondary students to write a final action plan that will build on the work already carried out by previous Eco-Warriors and help ensure we are all helping to care for our earth.